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5 Hacks to Keep Protein Shake Cold at the Gym

When you are at home, enjoying a chilled protein shake doesn’t really take much effort. But how do you keep your shakes cold in a place where you don’t have any access to a refrigerator?

The best way to keep a protein shake cold at the gym is to use an insulated mug. An insulated mug can keep your protein shake cold for 4 hours. Additionally, using ice packs, ice cubs, and making the protein shake thicker will also keep your protein shake cold.

How about we show you how you can pull these things off. Here are some made-easy ways to keep your shake cold even at the gym.

How to Keep Your Protein Shake Cold at the Gym – All the Tips and Tricks

Drinking a protein shake after working out is the most important thing. You need that protein intake the most during that time to add a few extra pounds of muscles to your body. Hence, you just can’t wait till you come back home; take the shaker out of the freezer and then chug it. 

So the question is, how can you keep the drink cold to keep your calorie intake on track? If you keep it at a normal room temperature, the shake will go bad, and you don’t want that! You cannot compromise with building muscle just because you couldn’t have a nice drink!

Well, you don’t have to sweat about that anymore, as I will share some ways that you try to enjoy ice-cold shakes at the gym. Let’s get into that part right away. 

Get Insulated Containers

One of the best ways is to get an insulated mug. As one gym-goer commented: “Insulated mug/thermos, man. Stick it in the fridge with the milk the night before. It should be nice and cold for a minimum of 4 hours the next day. Plenty of options on Amazon.”.

The best way to keep your shakes chilled for a long time is to use insulated containers. You can get a thermos that will maintain the cold temperature of your drink for a long time. 

Moreover, there are also some inventive protein shakers these days that are made to keep your drink cold for up to 12 hours without any issue. 

Use Ice Packs

If you don’t want to go for an insulated container, you can get some ice packs to keep things cold. Before you head out to your gym, make your protein drink and put some large ice cubes in it. 

Then take a container and line it up with icepacks, stick the shaker bottle on the container, and throw it on your bag. It will stay cold till you finish your workout. 

Make a Thick Drink

Another way is to make super thick shakes with frozen milk cubes, minimum cold water, and more protein supplement. This way, the nutritious liquid will be cold for a few hours. Problem Solved!

Another bodybuilder says, “At home, make a super, super thick sludge with very minimal water. Add frozen milk/chocolate milk cubes.”

However, don’t forget to shake the liquid vigorously before chugging it. 

Add the Protein Powder Later

For this method, you have to carry your protein powders with you to the gym. Before leaving for your training session, fill your shaker with cold water and milk, store it in the fridge an hour before to freeze it almost, and pack it in your bag later. 

When you are done with your exercise, just add your protein powder scoop, shake and sip it! But don’t forget to take out the shaker from the freezer because if you forget, the container might break due to freezing.

Get a Freezer Bag

Just like the insulated containers, freezer bags are made to keep your hot food hot and the cold ones cold. Furthermore, the freezer bag can hold more products, but you will still be able to pack them in your backpack. And you can use it for carrying your meals too.

Why Should I Take Protein Shake After Exercising?

Drinking protein shakes after workout sessions come with tons of benefits. If you take shakes after exercising, it helps you to recover from muscle soreness. Moreover, it provides proper nutrients for your overall health and gives a kick-start to your metabolic system.

On top of everything, taking protein shakes after exercising aids you in weight loss and helps you to maintain a healthy diet. 

Why Do I have to Refrigerate My Protein Shakes?

When it is about protein powder, you don’t have to refrigerate it. If you keep it in the fridge, the frequent temperature change will make the supplement go bad. 

However, when you make shakes with those supplements and don’t plan to consume them right away, you should definitely put them into the fridge. If you have added fruits like bananas and fresh berries to your drink, you can store them for up to 72 hours without any trouble. 

So if you want to make your drink at night and take it the next morning after breakfast, you can surely do that to build muscle!

What Are Some Methods to Keep Protein Shakes Cold While Exercising on Antibiotics?

When going to the gym while on antibiotics, it’s essential to keep protein shakes cold to maintain their freshness and effectiveness. Some methods to achieve this include using an insulated water bottle with ice packs, packing the shake along with a cold pack, or opting for ready-to-drink shakes that don’t require refrigeration. Keeping the shake cold helps preserve its nutrients and prevents bacterial growth.

How Long Can a Protein Shake Stay at Room Temperature?

After making your protein drink, if you don’t refrigerate it immediately, it will stay good for up to 2 hours. You need to consume it before that, or you will have to throw away the whole thing!

The optimal temperature of a protein shakes is 40-degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes below that, it will become vulnerable to bacteria. Hence, if you have kept the drink out of the fridge, check out the temperature with a cooking thermometer to be on the safe side? 

The Bottom Line

So how to keep protein shake cold at the gym? I believe you have got your answers! 

The easiest way you can try is to get an insulated shaker or a thermos to maintain the optimal temperature of your drink. However, you can also take all the ingredients with you, whip up the drink at the stop, and chug it right away! 

But that can cause a lot of hassle making your drink at home and taking it to the gym will be the wisest idea, don’t you think?

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