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5 Ways on How to Carry Soap to Gym

After a robust workout routine, all you need is to rub some soap, throw a bit of shampoo and take a cool, soothing shower. Hence, soap bars are a must-have in your gym bag. Sure, modern gyms have liquid soap dispensers, but scientists say they tend to be contaminated with germs. 

To confirm safety, you must pack your soap when you go to the gym. But how to carry soap to the gym without making any mess? 

There are multiple ways how to carry soap to the gym. There are options like soap case, box, pouch, or Ziploc. Although modern soap bar cases are the most convenient choice, you can always use the handy Ziploc bags. There are also plastic soapboxes and soap pouches.

Let’s discuss all these options and find out which is the best for you.

Commercial vs. Natural Soap Bars: Which One Should Your Gym Bag Carry? 

If you own a commercial chemical-laden soap, I have one question for you, WHY?

Why would you choose such harmful products for your body when the world already has natural soap, natural shampoos, and natural body wash? 

The mass-produced soap bars are derived from organic acids and packed with unhealthy chemicals like Parabens, Triclosan, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, etc. All of these are harmful to your skin, hair, and eyes.

Moreover, a commercial soap or shampoo usually contains synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances may contain chemicals like phthalates and toluene, which damages your hair and skin and causes harm to your internal body organs. 

You can’t even wash your clothes with such toxic chemicals, let alone your body. Therefore, choosing a suitable soap is a big deal!

Conversely, natural soaps are derived from natural ingredients like fats and lye. Glycerin is derived as a by-product during the soap-making process and serves for locking moisture in your body. So, if you own soap made with all-natural ingredients, you are on the safe side.

Natural soaps remove sweat and dirt from your body pores and deliver a beautiful fresh smell when you shower. This fragrance is obtained from essential oils found in seeds, flowers, leaves, and fruits. Essential oils maintain the pH level of your skin while nourishing your hair and skin. So, do yourself a favor and use a natural soap or natural body wash next time you take a shower.

Ways of Carrying Soap or Body Wash to the Gym

Here we will provide you with a bunch of ways to bring soap inside your gym bags. The old-school ways of our list are cheaper whereas the modern ways are more convenient. Let’s have a glance at all the methods and choose the best one for you.

Using a Ziploc Bag

“I chip off single use pieces to keep the bar dry. Also, packing it in a paper towel, then a ziplock with a corner or two cut out helps to keep it dry if I do use the whole bar in the shower” says John, a regular gym goer.

And it’s truly as simple as that. Just put the bar inside the bag and place it in your backpack or purse, and you’re ready to go. However, you can’t directly put it back inside the plastic bag once you wash the soap.

You have to give it some moment to dry out so that the soap residue doesn’t create a mess. And when you are carrying a bottle of body wash, you can put it inside the ziplock bag to prevent leakage.

If you’re in a hurry after a workout, don’t forget to keep some air inside to let the soap dry a bit. You can use a Ziploc bag to hold considerable amounts of liquid shampoo or body wash just fine.

Using a Soap Lift or Scrubbing Towel

As the soap becomes wet after use, you cannot store it directly inside a bag. Use a soap lift to let the wet bar sit and dry for several minutes. When it’s dried out, you can put it in a plastic bag and easily walk around with it.

Scrubbing towels also do the same function for you. Use a scrubbing towel to wrap the damp soap up and hang it over the sink. The soap will dry faster and be ready to be transported.

Using a Plastic Soap Box

This is probably the oldest and most popular way of transporting soaps. With a plastic soapbox, you can conveniently keep the bar in place with the help of a secure latch. Even if it isn’t completely dry, you don’t have to worry about ruining the inside of your gym bag.

The soapbox will restrain the soap from mixing with other toiletries in your gym bag. Plus, a plastic soapbox can be particularly useful as you can hold a full bar of soap in it without cutting the bars into small pieces.

Using a Soap Bar Case

Okay, we know bar cases are expensive, but trust me, you’ll understand they are worth every penny once you start using them. The material used for these cases is permeable for air but not water. Even if you store thoroughly wet and drippy bars inside the case, water can’t leak and spread all over your clothes and accessories.

Just put a bar inside the case, roll it three times, and clip, and you’re ready to go to the gym. While the cases are long enough to fit full-size bars, they are also compact to save a lot of room inside your gym bag. In short, they are the best!

Using a Soap Pouch

Some specific brands provide pouches for holding their products. You can slip your bar soap inside these small pouches if they fit. The pocket includes a small nylon strip that is used to wrap the damp soaps to dry it and save your hand from directly touching it.

If the pouch doesn’t have much space to hold your bar soaps, you can cut them down. Then pop them inside the pouch and seal it. This way, your soaps get dry quickly and last longer.


So, there you have all the detail on how to carry soap to the gym. We rounded up all these simple methods so that your gym life gets better and easier. If you’re a new mom or someone having a tight morning routine, using these effective ways will save some post-workout time for you.

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