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5 Ways on How to Dry Your Towel after Gym

So you just got done from a killer gym workout and your gym towel is soaked. The big question is, how do you store it? If you leave the damp gym towel in your bag for too long, it will start smelling like rotten eggs and can spread mold. But are there any tips on how to dry towels after the gym without much hassle?

Yes, there are several ways you can do that. You can use your hairdryer, hang the towel in your car sThere are several ways to dry a wet towel after the gym. These methods include hanging the towel, storing it using a waterproof bag, using a hair dryer, and hanging it in your car. Keeping your towel dry in your gym bag is important to preventing order and bacterial growth that can spread.

So without further ado, let’s proceed.

Importance of Drying Your Gym Towel

Now, before we walk you through methods of quick-drying your gym towel to save both your time and your day, let’s understand why it is essential to have dry and clean towels.

Drying your damp towels ensures safety from bacteria and reduces the surface growth of bacteria by about 99%! 

Furthermore, you do not want to start your day by giving people that unpleasant smell from your gym towel as you enter the workplace with your gym bag, right? The point is to keep it super soft, dry, clean, and fresh.

Having read all that, you certainly want to take the steps that will keep your gym towel clean, don’t you?

No worries, we have got your back!

How to Dry Towel After Gym

If you have stayed with us till here, you are surely one of the regular gym goers and are looking for ways to dry your gym towels in the most convenient ways. Thus, we have compiled and put together information about the best ways possible to dry your towel after a good gym workout.

We will walk you through each of these methods thoroughly. And if you’re interested, we also have tips on how to carry soap to the gym as well.

Using Gym Area for Drying Towel

To perform this method right, you would need an extra dry towel along with your used gym towel. 

First, take the dry and good gym towel and lay it flat over a clean surface. Then, take your used towel and place it over the surface of the dry towel.

Afterward, choose one of the vertical ends of the dry and wet towels and keep rolling them as if they were a burrito. Exert as much pressure as you can while you roll it so that the sweat and moisture from the gym towel are absorbed by your highly absorbent dry towel bit by bit.

Notes to Remember:

  • This process only applies when the gym towels are overly wet with dripping liquid
  • If you do not have a second towel, check the gym lockers, and you might find one.
  • Make sure that the towel you use as the absorbent is bigger or the same size as your gym towels.

Using a Hairdryer to Dry Your Gym Towels

One of the most traditional ways of drying your gym towels after taking a shower is drying them with a hairdryer. This is a rapid process. 

You will have to spread the towel flat or hang it on a rack or hanger while you let the hairdryer give out warm air on the surface of the towels. Keep turning the sides of the towel around for maximum drying.

Notes to Remember:

  • This process only applies when the gym has hair dryers in the locker rooms.

Hanging the Towel

“I used to hang my towel on a coat hanger from the coat hook, with the windows open about 2cm.” says Tamrynel, a regular gym goer.

So, you can use wire racks or the corner sides of doors can be a great sport for you to hang your gym towels up at. It is also important to make sure you turn the folds around from time to time to make sure all the moisture and dampness is dried out. Hooks can also be used as an alternative for the same process.

Notes to Remember:

  • Make sure you hang the towel for at least 60 minutes but don’t hang it in the bathroom. 
  • If you use the corner of doors as a hanger, use only when the doors are opened.

Using Gym Bag to Keep Gym Towels

Regular gym sessions can be made easy if you plan to pay a little extra and buy a waterproof bag or sack. These bags have antibacterial materials that prevent the growth of bacteria.

You can also do the same and keep your gym towel in a zipper bag made of plastic. Grab your towel and throw it into the zipper bag.

Another gym shark chimed in:

“I bought a plastic-lined cloth zipper bag (intended for carrying wet/dirty diapers) and can throw my damp & sweaty clothes in there; I imagine it would be a good transport option for a towel. It’s got a cute design (with multiple pockets if you want to separate anything), it doesn’t crinkle like plastic and it’s roomier than a Ziploc.”

Notes to Remember:

  • Make sure you do not keep the soiled towels in your bag for more than a day and wash them soon.
  • Always leave a little space open if you use a plastic zipper bag to avoid condensation.

Using Your Car to Dry Gym Towels

That one time when you are running late and do not have many options to dry your gym towels, put them in your car!

Squeeze out all the dripping water and sweat from your used gym towels and put them over the corners of your car’s seats. You can also carry a coat hanger as a hanger for the towel to dry properly.

Tips to Remember:

  • Make sure your gym towels are not dripping damp as the condensed water might damage your seat’s leather.
  • Do not cover your rear mirror view with the towel.
  • You can use a dry towel or a trash bag to cover the seats before hanging or placing the gym towels on the seats.
  • With all that being said, let’s move on to some tricks you can follow to keep your gym towels fresh.

Tips Regarding Your Gym Towel

Here are some tips you can follow to have the best experience with your gym towel:

  • Buying microfiber towels to wipe your body is a wise decision if you hit the gym regularly. These super soft towels are highly absorbent as well. 
  • A microfiber towel absorbs more water from your skin rapidly than regular bath towels. Microfiber towels are also easy to carry and pack in your gym or plastic zipper bag after washing your body. 
  • Buying a bag with separate compartments and built-in wet sacks would be a wise storage option for your gym gears.
  • In case of unpleasant smells, use a mixture of water and vinegar to wash your towels to remove the smelly sweat particles.
  • Spraying the inside parts with a deo or spraying after cleaning out your gym bag is essential to reduce smells.
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