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The Benefits of Bench Press for Females: Unknown Truth! 

Bench Press is one of the most beneficial exercises for women. It strengthens the chest, shoulders, and triceps, enhancing upper body tone. 

It can Promote bone health and muscle density. Boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management. Besides, bench press improves posture and daily functional activities.

Let’s check on the benefits of bench press for women in detail, along with tips for doing it properly so that you can enjoy all the help of this exercise. 

Why Bench Press Is Necessary for Women: 4 Benefits

The bench press can make a person stronger and contribute to leading a healthier life. Apart from that, there are additional benefits, particularly for women, such as:

Increasing Upper Body Strength

The bench press is an effective combined exercise for the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It can lead to well-defined, lean muscles without excessive bulk. This enhanced upper body strength translates into improved daily activities and functional capabilities.

The Relation Between Breast Size and the Bench Press

While exercise doesn’t significantly increase breast size, a well-developed chest can provide better support and lift to the breasts. 

Strengthening the pectoral muscles beneath the breast tissue can help your breasts appear firmer and more toned. 

Shoulder Enhancement

Bench pressing engages not only the chest but also the shoulders. Specifically, it works the anterior deltoids, which contribute to the rounded appearance of the shoulders. You should also try doing bench press work side delts for better results. 

Promoting Bone Health

Engaging in weight-bearing exercises like the bench press can also contribute to your bone health. It places stress on the bones, stimulating the production of bone-building cells and increasing bone density. For women, this is especially important, as they are more susceptible to conditions like osteoporosis. 

The Bench Pressing Methods for Best Physique

Bench pressing can help you build your physique and make it more muscular. To sculpt your ideal body using the bench press, consider these methods:

Focus on Proper Form

Maintaining proper form is paramount for maximizing gains and preventing injuries. Ensure a medium grip width, vertical forearms, and a tight grip on the bar. This foundation sets the stage for practical bench pressing.

Perfect Your Grip

Hold the bar a little more than shoulder width apart, with your hands aligned squarely above the elbows. This optimized grip maximizes your force generation, translating to stronger lifts.

Create Full-Body Tension

Generate stability by creating tension throughout your entire body, from head to toe. This stability enhances power output, enabling you to extract the most from each repetition.

Target the Right Muscles

Recognize that the bench press engages multiple muscle groups, including the chest, triceps, shoulders, back, and glutes. Maintain a medium grip width and focus on keeping your elbows at approximately a 45-degree angle from your sides.

Balance the Workout Recovery

Achieving your best physique doesn’t just happen in the gym. Adequate rest and recovery are essential. Ensure you get enough sleep and incorporate rest days into your routine. Recovery allows your muscles to repair and grow, contributing to your overall progress.

What Is A Good Weight For A Girl To Bench Press?

A good weight for a girl to bench press varies depending on her fitness level. Female beginners aiming for a 1-rep max (1RM) should target around 38 lb, while the average female lifter achieves about 111 lb as an intermediate strength level.

Important Tips for Women to Do Bench Press

You should follow some essential tools to ensure a safe and effective workout. Here are important tips for women when performing the bench press:

Begin with light weights and focus Start with manageable weights to ensure proper form and technique. Gradually increase weight as you gain confidence.
Keep elbows close and wrists straightMaintain a safe bench press posture by keeping your elbows close to your body and wrists in a neutral, straight position.
Engage your core and squeeze glutesEnsure stability during the lift by engaging your core muscles and squeezing your glutes. This helps prevent back arching.
Breathe properlyInhale as you lower the bar and exhale as you push it back up. Proper breathing enhances performance and prevents fatigue.
Allow adequate restGive your muscles sufficient time to recover between sets to maintain optimal strength and avoid overexertion.
Seek guidance from professionalsConsult a personal trainer or fitness expert if you’re unsure about the exercise or if you have any injuries or conditions.
Use a max bench calculator Consider using a max bench calculator to monitor your progress and set realistic fitness goals. It’s a valuable tool for goal-setting.

Why Aren’t I Seeing the Benefits of Bench Pressing as a Female?

If you’re wondering why you aren’t experiencing the benefits of bench pressing as a female, it’s time to uncover the increased strength secrets. While genetics and hormonal differences play a role, technique and consistency are crucial. Incorporating variations, ensuring proper form, and giving yourself enough recovery time are key strategies to unlock the full advantages of bench pressing. Stay motivated, stay focused, and remember that progress takes time.

Alternatives of Bench Press

Are you not comfortable doing bench presses? Explore alternatives to the bench press for effective upper-body workouts. 

Dumbbell Press

Allows for more natural movement and flexibility, accommodating a wider range of body types and fitness levels.


A bodyweight exercise targeting the chest, shoulders, and triceps, adaptable to various fitness levels.

Cable Chest Press

Utilizes cable machines with handles for consistent resistance throughout the movement.

Incline Press

Focuses on the upper chest by adjusting the bench angle.

Smith Machine Press

Provides controlled movement and stability, suitable for beginners.

Chest Flyes

Isolates the pectoral muscles using dumbbells or machines.

Resistance Band Chest Press

Adjustable resistance for home or gym workouts.

Machine Chest Press

Guided and controlled movements to minimize form issues.

Pilates Push-Ups

Challenges core stability on a stability ball.


Bench pressing for women offers numerous benefits, including potential breast support. 

By following proper techniques and recovery strategies, you can maximize these advantages. 

Remember that reaching your fitness objectives is a journey that requires both effort and consistency.

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