Can You Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness? Here’s How

Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness is a common question you may have while attending the gym. After all, having a workout buddy often makes us feel more motivated and even competitive to see who does better. 

But does the gym allow it? Can you take a guest with you to Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can bring a guest to Planet Fitness if you buy the PF Black Card. This membership allows you to invite a workout buddy and have him enjoy guest privileges for free at any Planet Fitness location. 

In this article, you’ll find everything there’s to know about this membership and how to use it properly.

All You Need to Know Before Bringing a Guest to Planet Fitness

You can bring a guest to Planet Fitness if you possess the PF Black Card membership. This subscription gives you the guest privilege, meaning that you can invite a friend or family member to be your workout buddy for the day. 

The service is free, too, so your companion won’t have to pay any extra fee.

With that said, bringing a guest to Planet Fitness is tricky if you don’t own the PF Black Card subscription. 

If you’re under any other membership methodology, any guest you bring will have to comply with the daily rate, which is usually $20. These privileges go towards the guest’s membership if they decide to join in 30 days.

So, yes, we recommend choosing the PF Black Card Planet Fitness membership if you want the option to bring a guest. Otherwise, the process won’t be smooth.

How to Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness?

First, you or the person bringing a guest needs the Black Card membership. You can sign up for this membership during your first subscription to the gym or upgrade to it from your classic Planet Fitness member plan. 

Once you have that settled, there are a few conditions to bring a workout buddy without complications.

You can bring the same guest to Planet Fitness by inviting them through the Planet Fitness application. Alternatively, you can tag your companion to your current home club directly. 

When they get to the location, they will have to fill out the registration form. This process is quick and easy. Once your guest finishes signing up, they will receive the key tag number. 

Remember that the Planet Fitness app has some limitations on inviting guests. Primarily, you can use the application to invite one guest only. 

Requirements for Guests at Planet Fitness

There aren’t significant requirements for quests other than having a photo ID. Your workout companion must have it readily available during the first time they visit. 

What Happens If I Don’t Have the Black Card Membership?

If you don’t have the Black Card membership, your guest must pay the daily fee. It’s $20 per day, and they can transfer that credit toward the membership cost if they decide to join the gym formally. 

This perk only applies to the first 30 days, so your guest better make up their mind within that time to save some money.

Guest’s Benefits Under Black Card Membership

If you invite a friend or family member as a guest to come to the gym, they will have access to just the gym equipment. This way, they can exercise with you or by themselves to see if they like the place. 

These are the main benefits your guest should expect, and not unlimited guest privileges. In many ways, it works as an introduction phase to the gym. Guests can then pay and become Planet Fitness members.

Benefits of the Black Card Membership

The option to bring a guest is not the only benefit of subscribing to a Black Card membership. There are many other Planet Fitness services you’ll get, such as the following.

Location Access

With this membership, you and your guest will have unlimited access to all the Planet Fitness clubs as long as they stay with you. 

You can even bring children if they’re over 13 years older and you’re either their parent or guardian. This gym membership also allows you to use all Planet Fitness locations without restrictions.

Free Stuff!

When you opt for a Black Card membership at Planet Fitness, you get a lot of free goodies that come in handy. For example, you get free Wi-Fi, a t-shirt, and even haircuts to rock your new image with style. 

You also get free fitness training, which is ideal if you’re a newcomer or need help learning the ways around the equipment. This only applies to Black Card memberships owners.


These aren’t free, but you still get a sweet discount on products like drinks and Reebok items. Both of these come in handy whether you need hydration or gym gear to work out freely. This privilege also applies to Black Card membership owners only. It’s not a Planet Fitness guest policy. 

Access to Other Areas of the Gym

Besides the workout area, the membership gives you access to the tanning, hydromassage, and massage chair areas. Again, these are only accessible for gym clients and not guests. 

So, even if you sign for a Black Card membership to bring a guest, other perks make it much more worth it.

Disadvantages of Inviting a Guest with the Black Card Membership

Any guest you invite can use the gym’s equipment freely. However, they will not have access to the privileges offered by the Black Card membership unless they pay for one. 

Putting it simply, when you bring a friend with you, they won’t get to enjoy features like the massage chairs, drink discounts, tanning beds, or even the massage chairs. 

Another disadvantage of the Planet Fitness guest pass is that you can invite one guest per day. You will have to wait for another day if another person comes with you. 

Then again, you still have the option to bring different guests depending on the day. Many other gyms don’t offer this privilege, so that’s already a plus.

Final Words

If you’re wondering, can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness? The answer is yes. Still, as seen throughout this article, there are some terms and conditions that you must know first. 

But it’s not impossible! So, if you want to bring a workout buddy with you, consider taking a Black Card membership to enjoy all of its perks.