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Can You Go to the Gym on Antibiotics?

Nothing can stop a workout enthusiast from hitting the gym, from pouring rain to SuperBowl. But what about the times when you feel sick and take medicines to get better? Most importantly, can you go to the gym on antibiotics?

Yes, you can exercise while taking antibiotics unless you have any specific restrictions from your doctor. While taking antibiotics, you may be actively fighting an infection. Therefore, avoiding excessive workout sessions is advisable. Staying hydrated and having a healthy diet will help the recovery process.

Well, if you know which type of exercises you can do while taking antibiotics and how to deal with that situation, keep scrolling. 

Is It Safe to Exercise When You’re on Antibiotic Treatment?

Though it’s proven that you can work out when you’re on antibiotics, this statement may depend on the type of the prescribed medicine. Moreover, you also need to consider the disease you’re going through to know if working out is safe for you or not. 

And if you’re into moderate or intense exercise, you should put a stop to that until you’re done with the antibiotic course. Otherwise, you may feel weak or sick in the gym, and you don’t want that. 

To have the best experience, you should discuss this whole thing with your doctor. Talk to the professional about the intensity and type of your workouts and ask if the prescribed antibiotics are good for that or not. However, lightweight exercises like yoga or walking never get any restrictions whatsoever. 

Md Shaiful Islam, a professional healthcare provider, says, “Yes, you can go to the gym on antibiotics. Weakness is very common when you take most antibiotics. It makes you feel sick and demotivated from your daily routine. However, some aerobic exercise can make you feel better.”

Which Antibiotic Should You Be Cautious with While Exercising?

As we’ve revealed before, the effect of the antibiotics depends on which medicines you’re taking. When you’re on an antibiotic course, you may get some adverse effects of the medication if you work out while the course is still running.

For instance, if you’re on systemic fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs, your doctors won’t permit your workout sesh. However, there are other antibiotics that are completely harmless.

It’s a common medicine widely used to treat urinary tract infections, skin problems, respiratory issues, or some other unpleasant infections. The antibiotics work on those diseases and protect you from higher risk.

When you do high-impact exercises when on these medicines, there’ll be an extra strain on your body. And you’ll start feeling weak in no time, which may lead to the knee, quadriceps, rotator cuffs, or Achilles tendon injury, and that’s unacceptable. 

Some people suffer from constricting blood vessels issues, so exercise is vital for them. In that case, you can keep doing your light cardio workouts for proper blood flow. 

When your cardiac muscle is experiencing limiting blood flow, you’ll start having numerous health problems. Thus, there’s no need to put an end to your regular exercise routine. 

Here’re some more types of antibiotics to look out for if you want to work out while on them. 

  • Cipro
  • Factive
  • Avelox
  • Levaquin
  • Floxin

Which Types of Exercises You Can Perform While on Antibiotics?

You may have already realized that there are no restrictions for light exercises. But the idea of this minimal workout routine may vary from person to person. So here’s an idea of which types of workout you can perform while going through a course of antibiotics.

When taking antibiotics such as penicillin or azithromycin, you can do gentle yoga running, light weightlifting, and running. But it would be best if you eliminated heavy stress and cardiac activities to stay on the safe side. 

However, suppose your doctor has prescribed medicines such as fluoroquinolones. In that case, you should go for professional medical advice before you start working out. This way, you’ll have a better plan to avoid any associated risks.

What Are the Side Effects of Working Out While Taking Antibiotics?

An exercise enthusiast will never be able to stop themselves from working out. Yes, if you’re a couch potato, the scenario will be different. 

Consultant Augustine Matvouquoted says, “Antibiotics can also impact your performance, such as dehydration, stomach issues, and even slow your pace, a major bummer for athletes. So, on the question of exercising on antibiotics, it’s preferable to allow the antibiotics time to work and your body time to heal before putting it under pressure.”

So you can see, there’re some legit reasons behind these restrictions on working out when you’re using antibiotics for treating nasty infections. Well, here’re some of the side effects you may face if you choose to exercise vigorously. 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Strep throat
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Yeast infection

To avoid these issues, here are some tips you can follow for a speedy recovery effortlessly:

Avoid Dehydration

Hydration is always important; it doesn’t matter if you’re on medication or not. And it’s especially crucial when you’re exercising while taking antibiotics. 

Your exercise session draws energy and leaves you dehydrated. And if you neglect your water intake at that moment, you’ll naturally feel weak as you lose fluid in the process. But if you’re on antibiotics, you’ll start feeling dizzy, nauseous, and weak. In short, your condition will worsen. 

Therefore, always make sure you’re drinking adequate quantities of water and electrolytes to stay healthy. Try drinking hot beverages to get your throat relieved. Remember, self-care is important while taking high doses of antibiotics. This way, you won’t face any problems in the foreseeable future and will fight infection successfully. 

Eat Healthy Meals

One of the side effects of working out on antibiotics is a stomach problem. And this issue can become life-threatening if you don’t handle it smartly. 

Hence, you should eat easy food to avoid stomach upset and ensure a proper supply of appropriate nutrients. It will also keep your immune system hale and hearty.

Keep Yourself Comfy

If you’re feeling sick after working out, you should stay in comfy surroundings to get better. Wrap yourself with a warm cozy blanket and drink hot tea to stay warm. However, avoid the blankets to stay cool if your body’s heat is increasing.

Chant Positive Mantras

Nobody wants to stay sick forever. And so, stay positive and try to stay healthy and happy, even if you’re not feeling like it. Keep chanting inspiring mantras to encourage yourself towards a healthy life. 

Can I Take Workout Supplements When I’m on Antibiotic?

Every gym enthusiast takes workout supplements, more or less. Many workout supplements contain caffeine, restraining the antibiotics from fighting infections. 

Therefore, if your body is fighting a sinus infection, viral infection, or other diseases, you should not take these supplements until you get better. 

Can I Drink Protein Shakes While Taking Antibiotics at the Gym?

When taking antibiotics at the gym, it is important to maintain the effectiveness of the medication and support your workout goals. To do so, ensure you are properly fueling your body with nutrients. Despite consuming protein shakes, be cautious about keeping protein shake cold as some antibiotics may require refrigeration to maintain potency. Always check the specific instructions provided with your medication to make informed decisions about its storage and consumption.

Should I Wait for Six Months to Exercise Again after Finishing My Antibiotic Course?

Even if you’re off the antibiotic course, some medicines affect your body for six months. Especially when you’re dealing with injuries such as tendon rupture, you’ll be taking strong medication and will go through long-term consequences. 

For this reason, doctors often don’t recommend these types of medicines to athletes. Therefore, if you’re into workouts, talk to your doctor about the intensity and frequency of your exercise sessions. In this way, you’ll get alternative meds and won’t have to experience any adverse effects. 

The Bottom Line

So, can you go to the gym on antibiotics? Hopefully, you’ve got your answers already. There are no specific restrictions about working out while on an antibiotic course. But yes, you’ll have to respect the limitations to have an optimal experience. Just talk to your physician about your situation and figure out an antibiotic course plan to ensure a speedy and trouble-free recovery. 

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