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Can You Pay Planet Fitness with Cash?

Planet Fitness gyms are among the most popular, which is why you may want to consider joining if you plan to start working out. 

However, gyms are always tricky when it comes to payments. Some accept multiple payment methods, while others only take cards. But what’s Planet Fitness’s stance on this?

Planet Fitness doesn’t accept cash as a payment method for its club fees. The franchise is very clear on this matter, meaning that you have to stick to the established payment methods. 

There’s a particular reason why this gym doesn’t accept cash. Learn more about it as well as the alternatives available here.

Does Planet Fitness Take Cash Payments?

According to its website, Planet Fitness doesn’t accept cash as payment for the club fees. It’s a franchise policy applied in many Planet fitness Clubs across the United States. 

As a result, there’s no other way to pay for membership unless you use your credit card or provide a checking account number. 

There’s one thing to consider, and that’s how gyms often work independently. If you have any doubt, going to the gym in person and talking to a representative is the best approach. It’s unlikely, but there may be different policies in place. 

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Accept Cash as Payment?

Planet Fitness doesn’t accept cash because the policies forbid it. This policy is in place to allow the company to deduct fees automatically when they’re due. It’s a practice that many gyms adopt as a way to keep charging the clients on a strict schedule. 

People often consider these policies shady because some gyms may still charge you even after canceling your membership. There’s a way to prevent this problem. 

Make sure to cancel your subscription one week before the bill date is due. This way, the gym won’t charge you automatically for the next month. If you have the annual fee, you must cancel a week before.

Alternatives to Pay Planet Fitness Membership

You have two methods to pay for a Planet Fitness membership: using a credit card or a checking bank account number. 

1. Using a Credit Card

You can use a credit card to pay for Planet Fitness’s yearly membership. This option is visible in the contract, which outlines the terms and conditions. 

Signing up with a credit card is possible, but you must go to the gym in person to do it. Still, this method is not available in many Planet Fitness locations. The website clearly states that the preferred payment method is using a checking bank account.

2. Using a Checking Bank Account

Adding a checking bank account to your file at the gym is the universally accepted payment method. In fact, the gym’s website also mentions that many Planet Fitness locations accept this payment option only. You can use it to pay for the gym’s fees, including monthly memberships. 

What Gyms Accept Cash Payments?

If paying in cash is the only acceptable payment method for you, there are other gyms more open to this option. This list includes different gyms that confirmed they accept cash. 

Still, remember that the monthly membership payment method varies depending on where you are. Calling your local gym and verifying the payment methods is better.

1. 24 Hour Fitness 

It accepts membership payments in advance or monthly installments. In this case, you have to pay the monthly fee ten days before reaching the due date. 

2. Anytime Fitness 

This gym allows paying for an annual fee date membership in advance. You can also use cash to pay for the weekly pass and the drop-in lessons

3. LA Fitness

You can pay each month, but you have to do it seven days prior to the membership’s due date. 

4. YMCA 

This gym accepts payments for memberships that last six months or a year. You must pay in advance, and you need a card added to your file. Some YMCA locations allow cash payments for the monthly fee.

5. Youfit

You can pay for your annual membership in advance. Enrollment fees, club passes, and monthly payments are also available if you pay ten days before the due date.

Are Cash Payments Accepted at Planet Fitness?

Cash payments are accepted at Planet Fitness, making it convenient for those who prefer not to use cards or digital forms of payment. However, when it comes to the planet fitness sauna availability, it is advisable to check with your local branch as not all locations may offer sauna services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if you don’t pay Planet Fitness on time?

A contract signed with a gym is similar to a leasing contract. You get 30 days to submit a notice, and you may have to pay fees for a sudden cancellation. If you don’t file a cancellation order correctly, you may need to pay the contract in full.

2. When is my annual fee billing date due?

Planet Fitness members get their annual fees billed per year. The actual date depends on when you signed the contract and the type of membership you requested. If you have doubts, staff members at the gym can indicate when your payment date is due.

3. Why Does Planet Fitness accept checking accounts only?

According to its website, Planet Fitness requires checking accounts to charge you automatically and prevent any problems. This system allows the company to keep up with the payments if your credit card expires, gets lost, stolen, or is no longer valid. 

4. How do you report billing issues?

If you’re using a checking account to pay for the club fees, you can report any issue to your local club. On the other hand, you can go to the Planet Fitness website if you need your membership agreement information,  change billing information, or access your Planet Fitness account online.

Final Words

Can you pay planet fitness with cash? The direct answer is no. Planet Fitness has a policy of refusing cash payments to accept checking bank accounts and credit cards primarily. 

It’s an intended choice because the gym prefers to charge your club fees automatically. You can still contact your nearest Planet Fitness and check whether they accept cash, but the answer will most likely be the same.

If paying with cash is your only option, we recommend looking for a gym friendlier than Planet Fitness. As seen in this article, there are a few alternatives that may be more willing to negotiate a payment method that satisfies both parties. 

This way, you can start working out instead of worrying about unexpected fees charges.

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