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Can You Use Someone Else’s Gym Membership?

If you don’t have a gym membership, is it okay to use someone else’s? Or for them to use yours? Well, most of the time the answer is no. Most gyms don’t allow gym memberships to be shared. However, many gyms offer free guest passes or day passes for a fee.

However, some gyms are more strict than others in terms of what you can get away with. I’ll be sharing some of these tips and how you can legally use gyms for free. Just as a note, I don’t agree with everything I’m about to share. As a frequent gym-goer myself, I believe in paying for gym services.

PS – I’ll be sharing a big list of gyms where you can get free passes at the bottom of this article

Using Someone Else’s Gym Membership

Unless your gym specifically says otherwise, sharing gym memberships is now allowed. Most popular gyms like Planet Fitness and others require that you have your picture taken when joining the gym. This means when you go to sign in, your picture will show up on the computer. If the gym staff discover that you are a different person, they will most likely ask you to leave. Even worse, if this behavior continues, the membership could be canceled altogether.

However, some gyms that are open 24/7 are often unstaffed during certain hours. At my gym, I have a keypass that allows anyone with the key to access the gym and start working out. Some gyms are more sophisticated and may have cameras. You can still get caught doing this method, so just be aware of this.

Another trick is to wait until there is no staff at the computer monitoring who checks in. You can scan another barcode to pretend you are checking in and walk right to the locker room. This is one method I don’t agree with but I can see it working. Again, there’s a risk of getting caught and banned from the gym.

How to Use a Gym for Free

All sneakiness aside, I’ll share with you how you can legally start using gyms without a membership, sometimes even for free.

  1. Get a day pass – Even if you aren’t a member, you can still use certain gyms by paying for a gym pass. Prices can vary from several dollars or more. I personally find it a little expensive but if you really want to use certain equipment and get your workout in, it may be worth it.
  2. Bring a friend – Some gyms like Planet Fitness has a blackcard that allows members to bring a friend for free. The catch is they have to be at the gym with you. This basically means you’ll need to ask your friends to see who would be willing to train with you.
  3. Use a free trial – Some gyms give away free trial passes to non members who are considering joining. The best thing to do is call up and ask if they offer free trials for people who are considering joining.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Gym Membership to Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness?

When it comes to bringing guests to Planet Fitness, the policy states that only the gym member is allowed to bring guests. Sharing or using someone else’s gym membership to bring a guest is not permitted. To ensure a smooth and fair experience for all members, it’s important to abide by the gym’s guidelines and respect their policies.

List of Free Gym Passes

below is a list of gyms that offer free trials and guest passes.

GymLength of pass
24 Hour Fitness3 days
Anytime Fitness7 days
Crunch Fitness1 day
Golds Gym1 day
LA Fitness5 days
Lifetime Fitness1 time
Orange Theory1 week
Planet Fitness1 day
Snap Fitness3 days
Youfit1 day

If worse comes to worst and you still can’t find a way to use the gym, you can always try home workouts:

  • Calisthenics
  • Hill sprints
  • Cinder block carries


In conclusion, sharing someone else’s gym membership is generally not allowed, and attempting to do so can lead to serious consequences. Instead, explore legal options like day passes or free trials to access gyms. Respect gym rules, support proper membership fees, and foster a positive fitness community for all. Choose honesty for a healthier and more rewarding fitness journey.

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