Can You Wear Crocs to the Gym?

Some people hate them, and some others love them. Crocs are undeniably among the most polarizing footwear choices out there. Let’s take the discussion a bit further to settle down the debate: Can you wear Crocs to the gym, yeah or nay? The answer is pretty simple.

You should not wear Crocs to the gym. Crocs may be comfortable and lightweight, but they don’t provide enough support or protection. While working out in Crocs, you leave your feet exposed to injuries. Consider proper weightlifting or running shoes instead.

It’s a bit of a bummer, but it makes sense. In this article, I’ll mention the reasons why this type of footwear is not a good choice for gym activities.

Are Crocs Okay for Lifting?

Crocs are not good for lifting because they don’t provide enough support. You do get a better feeling of the ground underfoot, but you’re also leaving your feet exposed to weights falling on them. Combined with the lack of ankle support, the risks of injuries are pretty high.

“I have literally seen so many guys doing deadlifts with slides or crocs. They are asking for a twisted ankle at that point,” said a gym regular when asked about this topic.

When you worry about your footwear constantly, there’s no way you can focus either. Ultimately, wearing Crocs reduces your concentration because you don’t feel safe. Hence, it would be better to avoid these shoes and wear something that gives you more confidence.

Can You Run in Crocs?

You can run short distances in Crocs, but that’s it. The main problem with Crocs is that they don’t have proper ankle support. As a result, you would be leaving your feet prone to injuries like a twisted ankle. 

Keeping your feet protected with actual athletic shoes will save you from the embarrassment at the gym or even a trip to the emergency room.

Is It True That People Run Marathons in Crocs?

Running in Crocs may sound like the wildest idea, but some people manage to pull it off. Marathon runner Benjamin Pacheo ran 5,000m wearing Crocs, which is fascinating. Granted, he made it in the 12th position, but Mr. Pacheo still reached the headlines due to his footwear.

Here’s what he had to say about his shoes.

“I wanted to try it out myself, and honestly, it feels so good. I haven’t worn anything else since (except for cross-country), and I’ve managed to stay injury-free,” sentenced Mr. Pacheo. 

But, while Mr. Pacheo’s story sounds great, Crocs still are not the norm for running due to the reasons mentioned above.

What Should Wear Instead of Crocs?

If you want to go with proper sports shoes, go with the Adidas Men’s Powerlift 4 or the Reebok Women’s Legacylifter Sneaker. These shoes feel comfortable, and they’re flexible enough to adapt to most exercises. Particularly, you can use these for squatting or lifting.

But what if you don’t like traditional sports shoes? Well, there are other unorthodox options you could try.

When lifting, you could wear Converse or Vans shoes at the gym. These shoes are affordable, flat, and suitable for different workout routines. For example, they’re great for weightlifting and squatting. And, while they’re not ideal for running, you can still do decently on the treadmill.


Crocs give you the comfort but not the protection or support most workout exercises need. While they’re good for certain things like casual wear, you don’t include this type of shoe as part of your work clothes, let alone as gym gear.

Focus on wearing shoes more suitable for the tasks at hand, as they will allow you to focus and be more productive. Plus, you won’t have to deal with injuries you could’ve avoided in the first place.