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Can You Wear Hoodies to the Gym?

You’ve seen people do it many times, but can you wear hoodies to the gym? They certainly look cool and have many benefits that work to your advantage during exercises.

You can wear hoodies to the gym because they’re comfortable and allow you to move freely. Additionally, hoodies help you warm up faster to prevent potential injuries. All of these benefits add up to provide a productive time at the gym without losing your main focus.

In this article, I’ll also talk about the disadvantages of wearing a hoodie to the gym and some of the myths around this practice. So, stick around to find out what this clothing can and cannot do for you. We also have a great article about wearing sweatpants to the gym as well.

Is It Okay to Wear a Hoodie to the Gym?

It’s okay to wear hoodies in the gym if no dress code prohibits it. This type of clothing isn’t the ideal choice, but it does provide multiple benefits that could improve your performance. There are also a few disadvantages, which you’ll find later in this article.

Can I Work Out in Hoodies? (Pros and Cons)

You can work out in a hoodie as long as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing it. In this section, I’ll cover the pros and cons of exercising while wearing this particular clothing.

Pros of Working Out in a Hoodie

Here’s a list of benefits from wearing a hoodie to the gym.

  • Comfort

Hoodies are comfortable, and that’s one of the biggest benefits you can expect. When you feel comfy at the gym, you can also stay focused on the exercises. 

Every person has their own preferences, but workout hoodies appeal to everyone regardless of gender.

Wearing a hoodie is also comfortable because you get a ton of freedom. Baggy or loose clothes are super flexible, which means you don’t have limited movements. 

You can adapt to most exercises and machines, especially when you’re working the barbell or if you want to lift weights.

“I only wear a hoodie when I lift legs or do deadlifts. It helps keep the bar from sliding and keeps my arms from rubbing up against my shorts,” said one gym goer.

  • Warming Up

The second best reason people wear hoodies to the gym is that they help to warm up faster. 

Athletes often wear hoddies for this reason, as hoddies allow them to trap the heat inside the body. As a result, you can warm up your muscles faster than you normally would.

As you probably know, warming up is a must before working out is a must. If you exercise with your muscles cold, there’s a considerable risk that you may pull the muscles. Gym hoodies prevent that issue, especially if you’re exercising in cold weather.

However, if your surrounding is already hot, wearing a hoodie can lead to heat exhaustion. I’ll go into this issue later on.

  • A Modest Look

Wearing sports bras or t-shirts to the gym is great, but sometimes you don’t want to be too revealing. 

Whether it’s because you’re not confident enough or simply don’t want other people looking at you, hoodies will keep you protected. 

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but not worrying about other people looking at you is a massive benefit.

When you’re comfortable with your clothing, you can focus on the exercises and nothing else. Therefore, you’ll start performing better and noticing better results after each workout session.

“When I first started working out, I didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror just wearing a t-shirt (fat and insecure), so I began wearing a regular Hanes pullover sweatshirt. And it has pretty much become my workout uniform,” says another lifter new to the gym.

So, if you want to hide your goodies, wear a hoodie.

  • Style

Hoodies at the gym have many benefits, but sometimes you just wear them because you look good in them. 

There’s no shame in that. Both women and men can build an image based on this specific type of clothing as a confidence booster.

When you look good, you feel motivated to continue with a rigorous workout routine.

Cons of Working Out in a Hoodie

But not everything’s good. In some circumstances, wearing a hoodie to the gym can lead from minor inconveniences to dangerous events. 

  • Pit Stains

While working out in a hoodie, you will inevitably sweat more. This is a benefit that will help you lose a few pounds of water weight, but you may also experience pit stains.

Dealing with these stains can be a bit of a problem, more so when you go to the gym regularly. You would have to do a lot of washing or have a different hoodie for each day.

  • Heat Exhaustion

This issue happens when your muscles are not capable of keeping up with a high body temperature. If you wear a hoodie, chances are you will deal with plenty of heat during high-intensity exercises. 

Heat exhaustion is a real threat, so you must be careful. When you feel too hot, taking off the hoodie would be a good idea. Plus, make sure to drink a lot of water after working out.

Can Hoodies Help Me Lose Weight?

Dressing in a hoodie while working out allows you to sweat quickly, which naturally leads to water loss. 

Some may believe that wearing this clothing equals more calories burned, but that’s not the case. 

Whatever weight loss you experience is only water weight. When you lose water weight, it’s almost negligible, and that weight will return when you start drinking water after your workout.

Next time someone tells you that people wearing hoodies burn fat or burn calories faster, take it with a grain of salt. 


You can wear a hoodie to the gym to enjoy all of the benefits it provides. From comfort to looking great, there’s a lot of reasons why a gym hoodie may be your ideal clothing. 

There are also a few disadvantages, but that’s nothing you can’t control when you prepare beforehand.

So, grab a hoodie of your personal preference, and don’t waste any time before hitting the gym!

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