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Can You Wear NMDs to the Gym?

You might be an NMD fan as they’re extremely comfortable. And you love hitting the gym too. However, when it comes to lifting weights and squatting, you have to think of something robust. Do NMDs have what it takes to be gym-friendly? Can you wear NMDs to the gym? 

No, Wearing NMDs to the gym for lifting is not advisable. NMDs are designed to be worn casually. The elevated heal and lack of ankle support increase risk, especially during exercises such as the squat and deadlift. For warmup and running, NMDs are fine but a dedicated running shoe is best for longer distances.

So, if they’re not good for the gym, what are NMDs good for? Which shoes should you go for? Well, hold tight because you can find all the answers here.

What Are Adidas NMD Shoes Good For?

Yes, we know that NMDs are made to be the perfect casual wear, but they surely can do more than you’ve been expecting, and that includes handling your workouts as well. 

They might not be the ‘built to workout’ kind of pair, but they surely can deliver some major support that you need for your feet, whether you ask for it through traction or cushioning.

Sorry to disappoint you; NMDs are not the shoes that will deliver you with ease on pivoting, cutting, or making sudden but short changes in directions, whether it’s on city streets or fields.

But if you’re workout routine is filled with exercises like squats and presses, then we bet you’re going to love them. Not only that, but they perform decently well in some treadmill works as well as they’ve got some properties of running shoes too.

By the way, if you’re planning to get sock-like basketball shoes for your upcoming games, then we bet you’ll be amazed to see Adidas NMD’s score as a worthy choice.

Can I Lift in Adidas NMD?

What most of us think of in the first place while stepping into the gym is doing some weight lifting to give our muscles a whole other edge. But by wearing the wrong shoe, things will get more challenging. Now the question is, will NMD be able to help you out with that?

Well, we’d say not to think of these shoes as the best option for that, especially when you’re thinking about weightlifting exercises. But hold on… We’ve got some solid reason for saying something like that.

The heel wedge that usually boosts ankle mobility is missing in NMDs. Besides, there are no straps either that you need to lock your foot down while lifting weights. The rest of the dissimilarities with weightlifting shoes are excusable, but these two are relatively out of that league.

Can I Wear Running Shoes for the Gym?

Triathalon athlete Matthew Berkus says, “You can, but you will wear them out quicker. Also, running shoes aren’t designed for heavy lifting; so if you are squatting and doing deadlifts, running shoes are less than optimal and could lead to injury.

When it comes to great traction and durability, a few pairs of running shoes surely do a great job at times, but that’s not the case in all the other segments, including more support and stability.

Yes, you can put on running shoes, but when you’re not going for any other major exercises apart from treadmill or workout that involves running. They come with a good grip over the floor, and the compressible sole, along with the supportive midsole, ensures sufficient support.

But they definitely don’t have the structure that you’d need to step into other kinds of body exercises that involve weight. So, yes, you can put on running shoes in the gym and can’t at the same time. We’d say you better go for a pair of comfortable shoes that’ll give you the required ankle support.

Are NMDs Suitable for Gym Workouts?

When it comes to gym workouts, the question of whether NMDs are suitable arises. While NMDs offer comfort and style for casual wear, wearing spandex at the gym is recommended for improved performance and flexibility. Opting for proper athletic footwear that provides stability and support would be a wiser choice for intense workouts.

Which Shoe Is Best for the Gym?

You might be wondering, if the NMDs are not the best for the gyms, then which one is, right? Well, as we said before, Adidas NMDs are not made to be gym sneakers as they’re nothing but lifestyle shoes. But that doesn’t mean Adidas got nothing to accompany in the gym.

If you’re among the runners and planning to run on the treadmill and avoid weight training, then Adidas Ultra Boost will be the right choice for you here. One of the best things about the Ultra boosts is they’re made for running. 

Besides, ultra boost is designed for shock absorption as well. On top of that, the primeknit upper ensures total comfort and added support.

But if you don’t want to skip the weight part and lay your hands on some serious routines like deadlifts, then it’s better to go with something like the Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II as they’ve got flatter soles. Lifting in Converse or lifting barefoot in the gym can be popular choices for some.

So, Is It Okay to Put on NMDs in the Gym?

So, can you wear NMDs to the gym? We guess you’ve already got the answer to the question. And if you still want nothing but Adidas shoes for your gym, then we have already suggested shoes for both running and weight routines.

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