Do Pull-ups Work Shoulders? [Maximizing Shoulder Gains]

Yeah, pull-ups do engage the muscles of the shoulders to some extent. The shoulder muscles help control the swinging motion and contribute to the overall upper body strength required for pull-ups. In addition, certain pull-up variations, such as wide-grip pull-ups and commando pull-ups, can place more emphasis on the shoulders. If you want to know … Read more

Do Shoulder Exercises Work On Chest? – The Dynamic Duo

Shoulder exercises primarily target the deltoid muscles and the surrounding shoulder complex.  Though they are not designed to directly work the chest muscles, certain shoulder movements engage the chest muscles in a supportive role.  For instance, exercises like overhead presses and upright rows involve chest muscles for stabilization and assistance. In this article, we’ll explore … Read more

Can I Work Shoulders every day? [Shoulder Gains Unleashed]

Working shoulders every day is generally not recommended due to the risk of overtraining and potential injury. Muscles need time to recover and grow after intense exercise.  While some advanced athletes or specialized training programs may incorporate higher frequency training, for most individuals, allowing at least 48 hours of rest between intense shoulder workouts is … Read more

How to Fix Shoulder Pain During Bench Press: Know the Strategy

To address shoulder pain during bench pressing, focus on proper form and technique, ensuring your shoulder blades are retracted and depressed. Strengthen supporting muscles, including the rotator cuff and upper back, to enhance stability. Consider alternative exercises like dumbbell presses or machine presses.  Prioritize warm-up and cool-down routines, and if pain persists, consult a fitness … Read more

Is Shoulder Press a Compound Exercise?

Protein shakes alone might not be enough to build the muscles properly, and you need compound exercises to supplement them.  So, can the popular shoulder press be counted as an ally in this? Is shoulder press a compound exercise?  The answer is 100% yes, as multiple muscle groups move during the shoulder press giving you … Read more

Why Is My Shoulder Press So Weak?

Doing a shoulder press isn’t all about brute strength, and there are lots of other factors involved too. A lot of people don’t realize this and that’s why they often ask, why is my shoulder press weak?  Poor form, lack of strength, terrible techniques, not tightening glutes—any of these things can be the culprit behind … Read more

Why Is the Shoulder Press So Hard?

Why Is the Shoulder Press So Hard

I personally like the shoulder press a lot but I’ve seen many guys in the gym struggle with it. So, why is the shoulder press so hard for some people?  Poor core strength, muscle strength imbalances, incorrect techniques, inefficient barbell path, and tired shoulder muscles can make should press challenging.  But all these problems can … Read more

Why Do My Lats Hurt After Shoulder Press?

Why Do My Lats Hurt After Shoulder Press

Numerous times I have been asked the question: Why do my lats hurt after shoulder press? After completing a workout session on overhead pressing, you might experience lat soreness, which is natural. Ultimately, shoulder press exercises are very strenuous and put a lot of pressure on your back. Although muscle soreness while doing overhead presses … Read more

Is It Bad To Arch Your Back When Shoulder Pressing?

Is It Bad To Arch Your Back When Shoulder Pressing

There are several exercises to target your upper body by executing a variety of presses, namely: shoulder press, overhead press, bench press, standing shoulder press, incline bench press, push press, and so on. They might sound and look similar; however, there are substantial differences in their forms and targeted muscles. So, while you might get … Read more

Does Shoulder Press Work Traps?

Does Shoulder Press Work Traps

Trap muscles start at the base of anyone’s neck and extend down to the middle back. These mainly help you perform core functions such as lifting your arms, stabilizing your shoulder blades, rotating, tilting your neck upward or downward, etc. Working on your trap muscles is important because strengthening these muscles grow you resistant to … Read more