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Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Planet Fitness is one of the few gym franchises that offer a quality experience at affordable prices. From the state of the art equipment to spacious workout areas, both new and old-time members can have a blast while exercising. 

One question people often ask is, does Planet Fitness have a sauna? The answer is a bit of a bummer but still justifiable.

Planet Fitness does not have sauna rooms available at any of its locations. You can enjoy other fun privileges like hydromassage or tanning bed areas, but don’t expect a sauna or steam room. 

But why doesn’t Planet Fitness have a sauna? When you think about the reason behind this decision, it makes sense. Continue reading to find out.

Planet Fitness: Overview

One of Planet Fitness’s missions is to provide an affordable service for every budget. This is why you can start a membership at the gym for approximately $22.99 per month and receive many privileges at Planet Fitness locations. 

The benefits you receive in return are quality equipment, a comfortable workout environment, and even discounts on different gym-related products. 

No Sauna or Steam Room in Planet Fitness: The Reasons

Wondering why Planet Fitness doesn’t offer Saunas? Find out the main reasons here.

  • Saunas Are Expensive

Planet Fitness doesn’t have saunas because it’s expensive, and they would reflect on the cost of the memberships offered. Installing a sauna at a professional and commercial level is costly, especially in the United States. 

The country has laws that forbid unisex saunas, which would mean that the gym has to create separate rooms for both genders. Therefore, the money invested in the project would be double.

  • Saunas Are Hard to Maintain

And that’s not all. After installing the sauna rooms, maintenance becomes another problem. This type of room attracts debris, dirt, and similar pollutants. 

If the gym wants to provide a quality experience, the staff would need to clean the room every half an hour. It turns into an even bigger problem if you consider that Planet Fitness usually has only one maintenance person per shift. Regular maintenance is just not possible.

  • A Sauna Session Would Lead to More Fees

It’s not that Planet Fitness can’t afford saunas because the company certainly can. The problem is that the membership fees would also be higher, and many people prefer this gym due to its reasonable prices. 

Raising the cost of getting a membership could easily make new and old members turn away, looking for alternatives.

Some Planet Fitness Locations Do Have Saunas

Most Planet Fitness gyms don’t have saunas. However, this is a franchise with different owners depending on the region. As a result, you could likely find Planet Fitness clubs with the classic steam room or infrared saunas.

Since Planet Fitness has different owners, your nearest club may offer a set of privileges that other locations don’t. It really depends on what the owner decides. 

Therefore, we recommend contacting your closest Planet Fitness and asking the staff about the saunas. This way, you will get a clear answer on the matter.

Nonetheless, if your local gym does have a sauna, keep in mind that the membership cost might be higher. It’s a feature that caters to high-end Planet Fitness members willing to spend the money. 

If you like the Planet Fitness brand because of its affordable gym membership plans, the sauna will increase the cost.

Alternative Options for Sauna Or Steam Rooms at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness may not have saunas, but there are other areas that provide plenty of benefits for your health. In this case, many Planet Fitness locations have Red Light Therapy. It’s a remarkable feature for gym members, which you can access through the different membership plans.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

The Red Light Therapy (RLT) is similar to the classic tanning booths. However, RLT doesn’t feature ultraviolet lights during the process. It implements infra-red systems capable of targeting your full body. These infra-red lights usually come from low-level laser lights.

Based on studies, Red Light Therapy prompts the skin cell’s mitochondria to produce increased levels of adenosine triphosphate. As a result, your body experiences enhanced activity in your cells. There are a lot of benefits to this process, which we will be discussing next.

Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy

By improving cellular activity, Red Light Therapy provides many health-related benefits. Here’s a list detailing some of them.

  • Cosmetic Enhancement

Putting yourself through Red Light Therapy can help you tackle cosmetic problems like stretched skin or wrinkles. You could also back it up with Planet Fitness’ Beauty Angel treatment, which offers an effective vibrating plate capable of toning your body. 

A vibrating plate produces vibrations that stimulate your body, feeling the effects on your muscles. It targets multiple body sections like your abdomen and legs.

  • Anti-Aging Treatment

Red Light Therapy slows down aging, and it can slightly reverse it. It targets damaged skin, usually caused by UV light that you receive from natural sources like the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds. 

In either case, RLT tackles wrinkles and some of the common lines your skin experiences.

Science backs up the anti-aging benefit of Red Light Therapy. For example, the process strengthens the collagen fibers found within the skin, making it feel soft and smooth. 

  • Anti-Depression and Less Fatigue

Red Light Therapy can reduce depression and make you feel less fatigued after working out. The treatment boosts cells’ energy, similar to how acupuncture works. 

Therefore, you will feel less anxiety and an improved mood. Believe it or not, these benefits translate to your body image, making you feel more positive and look better.

  • Better Joint Health

Red Light Therapy improves the production of collagen, which has a positive impact on your joints. This benefit comes in handy for people dealing with arthritis or other conditions affecting the joints. 

  • Faster Wounds Healing

This therapy can also repair tissue by boosting the repair process of healing wounds. You will experience reduced inflammation, rejuvenated skin, and improved healing capability.

Why You Should Choose Planet Fitness

Your local Planet Fitness may not have a sauna, but it’s still a worthy investment if you’re looking to improve your body image and feel healthier. These are only a few reasons why you may want to ignore the lack of saunas and try a membership at this gym.

  • Quality Equipment

First and foremost, Planet Fitness offers a collection of quality equipment to get you through most exercises. The gyms even have rowing machines, which are excellent to work out your whole body and not just a specific area. 

Planet Fitness also requires clients to clean the workout space after use, so you won’t deal with any nastiness. If that’s not enough, the gym’s staff is very diligent at keeping things neat, including the locker rooms!

  • Every Hour of Every Day

There’s a Planet Fitness location almost everywhere, and they’re open 24/7. You can create your own workout schedule depending on what time of the day you prefer. Plus, if you must travel, there’s no need to spend days without exercising either. 

  • Sauna Alternatives

Planet Fitness may not have saunas, but the gyms do have Red Light Therapy, hydromassage, and other privileges worth your while. Therefore, you will still have plenty of options to chill out and relax after an intense workout session.

  • You Can Bring Guests!

You can bring a workout buddy to your workout sessions at Planet Fitness with the Black Card membership. Your guest doesn’t have to pay any extra fee unless they want to join the gym officially.

Does YMCA Offer Sauna Facilities Like Planet Fitness?

Does YMCA offer sauna facilities like Planet Fitness? This planet fitness vs ymca comparison shows that both gym chains prioritize the well-being of their members by providing sauna services. Whether you prefer YMCA’s community-focused atmosphere or Planet Fitness’s modern amenities, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna session at either gym. Stay fit and rejuvenate your body and mind!

What Gyms Have a Sauna?

If a sauna or steam room is a point of honor for you, then there are alternatives to Planet Fitness that you may want to consider. 

Keep in mind that a gym sauna comes with a more expensive membership, so be ready to invest a little bit more into your gym budget. Is money not a problem? Perfect! Here is a list of gyms that will give you a sauna:

  • Life Time

You have to pay a considerable amount of money for a membership in this gym, which is usually more than $100 per month. However, the locations are very friendly and welcoming. There are also pools and other fun areas like water slides.

  • YMCA

YMCA locations offer the whole package. You can enjoy saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, basketball courts, and a friendly workout environment. 

With that said, you do have to check in first before signing a contract. Make sure your nearest YMCA gym has a sauna room available because not all locations offer the feature.

  • 24 Hour Fitness

This gym offers saunas and steam rooms in its locations all over the country. The locations are clean, and the saunas are a treat.

Final Words

Does Planet Fitness have a sauna? No, it does not. The franchise prioritizes affordable membership plans, and that means sacrificing expensive luxuries such as saunas or steam rooms. 

Planet Fitness does compensate for this problem by offering Red Light Therapy, which provides plenty of health-related benefits that most people enjoy.

If you want saunas badly, then consider the alternative gyms mentioned here. But remember that the monthly or annual fee could be higher.

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