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Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Planet Fitness is a chain fitness center named after Rick Berk’s daughter’s school project called “Fitness Planet.”The unique attributes and policies of planet fitness have indeed taken the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. However, one common question among people is, “ do planet fitness have scales?” 

No, planet fitness doesn’t have scales because they believe one shouldn’t evaluate their self-worth by the numbers on a scale. Moreover, they also think that giving priority to the scale numbers demotivates and discourages their members from reaching their targetted fitness goals. 

This is because most beginner fitness enthusiasts tend to look for quick changes from the day they start working out.  

Planet Fitness always comes up with something unique and interesting that makes people stay attracted to their brand. Therefore, this article will discuss why Planet Fitness does not have scales and how it has made a difference in the fitness world. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales? An In-Depth Explanation

Planet Fitness refuses to bring in scales on the premises and lets its members determine and question their progress and self-worth, not through numbers on a scale. The rejection of scales is due to their slogan “Judgement free zone,” and below are the reasons why they promote this slogan:

Disheartens Their Members

When the members get up on the scale and see that the changes aren’t much, this discourages them from reaching their desired fitness goal. After a few days or weeks of hard work, often, people expect to see big changes in their weight. 

So, when they are incapable of reaching their targetted weight, they tend to get disheartened. Therefore, Planet Fitness prefers not to carry scales to avoid discouragement and loss of motivation.

Dependence on Scales and the Numbers

Using scales to measure or evaluate your workout put into the gym is a misconception. Some gym members rely on the scales to measure their progress and changes. 

When working out, scales aren’t the only source of measurement. So fitness experts recommend that it be best to consider your strength, muscle mass, and appearance rather than the weight alone. 

Change Can Take Longer Than Anticipated

The first place you tend to lose fat is from the surroundings of your organs, such as the liver and kidneys. The internal fat loss won’t show any difference on scales even when you have internally lost considerable weight. 

Since measuring scales don’t show any weight changes; Therefore, people tend to lose hope and get demotivated due to no changes in the scales. 

Why Do Most Gyms Find Weighing Scales to be Important? 

However, scales are an integral part of a gym and are necessary to know your consistency and progress. So, most gyms think it’s essential to know your weight frequently to ensure you’re neither slacking nor overspending your time at the gym. 

Research has shown that most people will likely gain back the weight they worked to lose by regularly checking in with their weight within two years. 

These situations can be easily avoided when monitored carefully. However, it’s equally important not to let obsession take over the scale numbers. 

Weekly Check-ins

Keeping yourself updated with your weight loss and the mass gain reports is essential, but getting wrapped around the scale is challenging. In such cases, you should try to limit yourself from the weighing scale and not get too impatient with physical changes and scale numbers. 

Limiting to checking in on your weight every week is ideal for beginning your weight loss journey. The weekly check-ins also allow you to make more minor changes through the week to identify what is promoting your weight loss and what will enable you to gain. 

Daily Check-ins

Daily checking in on your weight is not recommended for first-timer gym members. This pushes you to test your limits too quickly, which can be detrimental. 

When you have been a regular gym member and know what your body responds to, you can opt for daily check-ins with your weight. This process allows you to know about your daily progress and process the effort you put in. 

What Makes Planet Fitness and Its Policies Unique?

Planet Fitness’s official policies allow each member to choose the locker rooms based on “their sincere, self-reported gender identity.” 

The members at the gym are free to use the locker rooms they are comfortable with – this policy by Planet Fitness is highly appreciated. However, there are several other policies this chained franchise came up with.

Lunk Alarm

When someone grunts too loud or lifts too much, an alarm blares with a red siren-like light. This may appear to be a controversial policy by Planet Fitness as most members seem to find it discriminatory. Some find it derogatory as grunting; groaning comes naturally when lifting or dropping weights. 

Moreover, some people find it disturbing and irritating that it distracts other people sharing the same space. The “Lunk Alarm” goes off to pause the workout session and reassess the situation to avoid this conflict and keep new gym-goers feeling included.

The Dress Code Policy

At Planet Fitness, violating the dress code policy could revoke your membership. Clothing items that are revealing, intimidating, or offensive to a rational person are not allowed. 


Women can wear sports bras and undergarments to be comfortable and productive during their workout sessions. However, they must wear shirts or coverups on top that must cover above their belly buttons.


Jeans of all types are generally uncomfortable, let alone wearing them during workouts. Moreover, wearing jeans during sessions can also lead to physical restrictions where you can’t perform certain exercises. 

Planet Fitness chooses not to allow jeans, ripped jeans, and tight pants with obvious grommets on the premises to avoid physical restrictions and discomfort. 


Certain types of footwear are specifically designed for workouts to boost productivity, comfort, and safety because they come with strong grips. Open-toed shoes and sandals can cause you to slip and cause major damage. 

Planet Fitness has also specified the types of footwear members can wear to avoid unwanted accidents. So, violating any of these policies at Planet Fitness could get your membership revoked.

Tanning, Massage Chair, and Water Massage Facilities

Getting your tan done after a workout session at the same place is a loved benefit that Planet Fitness provides its members with. 

The massaging chair and water massage relax the muscle and loosen the body before you jump in on the tanning booth. This is a fun addition that Planet Fitness offers its members alongside their workout regimens.

What Do People Have to Say About Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has served its members with utmost care and free from intimidation spirit. Their target is the ordinary people who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while getting fitter and aware of their bodily needs. 

They have over 15.6 million members globally and is one of the most sought-after gyms in the US. However, it is impossible to be such a larger franchise and not disappoint some members.

The Positive 

Members of the gym have consistently appreciated the judgment and intimidation-free zone provided on our premises. The equal treatment and care for each member are specifically catered to their needs and requirements for their bodies. 

Moreover, the aftercare workouts, such as the tanning booth, the hydro and water massages, and the massage chairs, are a favorite among members.

The Negative

Some members do like the intimidation-free environment. However, some find it discriminatory. So, Planet Fitness tries to cater more towards the people who are unlikely to feel comfortable around people who have been working out for years. 

However, their attempt at making people feel inclusive and not inferior has not always been well received by some members.

Can I Find a Scale at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, you can indeed find a scale to track your progress with gym mirrors and perceived size. These scales are conveniently located near the locker rooms and are regularly maintained for accurate measurements. By keeping a close eye on changes in your weight and combining it with the visual cues provided by the gym mirrors, you can effectively gauge your progress and make informed decisions about your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Planet Fitness offer daycare services?

As of right now, Planet Fitness does not provide any daycare services for our member’s kids. With their cheap rates and the facility’s management, they cannot offer daycare services for kids under 13. They also recommend their members leave their kids at home for their safety around the heavy machinery and weight.

2. Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness makes it particularly difficult for its members to cancel their membership. They understand that demotivation can kick in when you don’t see changes physically or on the scale. However, it is necessary to push through and continue working on it until you finally see the difference. 

So, they don’t accept cancellations over phone calls or online to keep our members motivated and make it difficult for them to cancel memberships. If they must cancel, a written form needs to be submitted at the gym in person.

3. Does Planet Fitness plan on cancelling the “Lunk Alarm”? 

While they do understand that some people are not fans of their “Lunk Alarm,” they don’t plan on canceling its use of it. They believe it is more important to make it an intimidation and judgment-free zone, and the lunk alarm helps. 

This “Lunk Alarm” aims to alert the members that they may be a little too loud and causing disruption or distraction, among others.

Bottom Line

Planet Fitness has been in the business for over 30 years, with franchises in 50 states. They also have an international foothold in Canada, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. 

Their policies provide the best environment with their “Judgement Freezone” that an amateur would need to start their weight loss or mass gain journey. 

A healthy and fit lifestyle for all of their members is what they strive for and continue to work for each day. Their dedication and individual care for each member at the cheapest rate allowed many members to be where they are today.

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