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Does Shoulder Press Affect Height?

If you are new to the fitness world or have been lurking around for a while, you should know that there are many myths surrounding fitness exercises and their effects on our bodies.

One such common worry among people is, does shoulder press affect height?

You will be happy to know that lifting weights is not harmful to your kid.

In simple terms: Lifting weights or heavy loads does not stunt growth. We’ll discuss more of this in this article.

Why Do People Think Lifting Weights Stunts Growth?

This particular myth originated in Japan in the 1960s. Then, Japanese researchers mentioned that the height growth of children who had to do heavy labor daily was observed to be shorter.

It appeared to the scientists that lifting heavy weights affected children’s growth plates, which ultimately resulted in their short stature.

Growth plates are near the ends of long bones in growing children and teenagers.

It plays the role of determining how the mature bone will turn out in the future, shape, and length-wise.

So, How Were They Proved Wrong?

Scientific evidence showed that the children who have performed heavy labor work were also mostly unfed and thus malnourished.

As a result, research shows that their body simply did not receive the nutrients required to increase in height.

This resulted in their stunted growth and short stature compared to other children who grew normally. So researchers and professionals accepted this myth buster.

What Actually Happens When You Do Strength Training? (Lifting Weights, Overhead Presses, etc.)

When you are lifting weights, overhead press, weightlifting, or other forms of activity that puts pressure on your shoulder, it is possible for your spine to compress.

It’s true, and your spine does compress by a few millimeters.

But it depends on other factors like your posture of doing exercises, and daily activities play into it.

Spine compression is nothing to worry about. Why?

Because after a heavy workload, your spine will decompress itself with a few hours of rest or a good night’s sleep.

Why Is Strength Training Necessary? – Benefits You Should Know

One of the most important forms of exercise to keep our body in good health is strength training.

So if you have not been doing it in fear that it might affect your height, fear no more!

But strength training should be done following a proper technique. Doing the exercises for this training in poor form can result in serious muscle and bone injuries.

So to avoid any injury, you must start your work under a fitness trainer in the gym.

This training is commonly believed to help it all, starting from your muscles, bones, your entire body, and even your soul.

Routinely following any exercise also creates a sense of discipline.

Age is not a factor in strength-building exercises. There is an appropriate training method for any age, thus don’t worry about being too old!

Bone Health

Scientists have found that resistance training activates an effect called the osteogenic effect.

In this effect, heavy external loading increase the activity of the cells that build bones in our body.

This strengthens and improves our bones, resulting in preserved bone and muscle mass.

Spinal Health

Studies show that exercises with heavy loads, less volume, and regularity can help repair degenerated intervertebral disc in patients suffering from lower back pain.

After analyzing which kinds of exercise helps repair discs, scientists have found that exercises for which our body weight moves only vertically are best for our spine.

So, it can be found in these studies that resistance training will be beneficial for intervertebral discs.

How Do You Start With Shoulder Press Exercises or Strength Training?

First, you should find a professional trainer at the gym to get started with your journey. Follow their instructions.

Strength training is hardcore weight training. Starting from bench presses, pull-ups, and weightlifting. Your body muscles will only get stronger with disciplined exercise.

Spine Shrinkage and What Causes It?

You might be surprised to know that the way our weight appears different during different times of the day, and our height can also change in a day.

This is the result of spinal compression.

Spinal shrinkage or compression happens throughout our day due because of many daily activities, be it walking, cycling, sitting still, and so on.

Anything that may make your spine curve or have pressure may compress your spine. However, it does not mean youngsters that their bodies will stop growing.

Can Shoulder Press Exercises Impact Shoulder Health?

Can shoulder press exercises impact shoulder health? One of the potential reasons for lat pain after shoulder press workouts is overexertion. When the shoulders are not properly supported or the weight is too heavy, it can strain the latissimus dorsi muscles leading to discomfort. It’s crucial to maintain proper form and gradually increase intensity to prevent injury and maintain overall shoulder health.

How to Fix Spinal Shrinkage? – Ethical Techniques

Just as physical activities can compress your spine, so can other activities like lying down or doing certain exercises, postures especially relaxing ones that take off pressure from your upper body, which can also decompress your spine.

This is one of the reasons why the spine can be decompressed by itself only by a good night’s sleep.

Some effective exercises or stretches that can reverse spinal compression are –

  • Dead hangs
  • Child’s pose
  • Overhead stretches

Final Words

By now, you have understood that strength training or activities with heavy load on your shoulder or upper body may compress your spine only by a few millimeters, but this compression is temporary.

Therefore, a shoulder press does not permanently affect your height.

It is important to take on activities that challenge our bodies and help us explore our capabilities.

Whether by hitting the gym or fitness practice at home, you should definitely indulge in this!

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