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How Far Apart Should Gym Rings Be?

Gym rings are highly portable, easy to use, and you can mount them in any place to hang freely.  But while setting up, you need to follow some strict rules. The height, width, and distance between the gymnastic rings can matter a whole lot.

How far apart should gym rings be? If you want the most comfortable position, you should fix the gym rings 50 cm apart. The distance should be wider than the shoulder width. This will allow your body to move freely in alignment with various exercises.

It’s not just the space though; you should know what happens if the distance between the gym rings isn’t correct and where you can hang the rings.

Let’s dive into the details.

What Are Gymnastic Rings?

The gym ring is a set of apparatus you use for strength training, and it comes in a set of two. You can either go for wooden rings or metal rings, whichever you prefer. 

These gymnastic rings are super easy to use and help you build a lot of strength. Moreover, they are amazingly lightweight, so you can hang your rings wherever you want. You can also see a comparison we did with natural strength vs gym strength.

A Breakdown of the Gymnastic Rings

These rings, gym apparatus consisting of three parts:

  1. Rings
  2. Strap 
  3. Buckle


These rings are the main part of the equipment and are made with different materials. You can either get wooden gymnastic rings, plastic, or other metal. Most people choose plastic or wooden rings as they are super lightweight yet durable. 


The straps are generally used to suspend the rings and are made with thick and hard-wearing materials such as nylon webbing. It keeps the rings tied up on point so you can perform any upper body or core exercise without any issue. 


This ring apparatus comes with CAM buckles to keep everything fixed and secure. You can adjust the height of the rings from the floor by using this buckle. 

The Accurate Space Requirements for Gym Rings

If you want to do ring training, you need to consider the space requirements. And these measurements depend on how you want to exercise and what kind of goals you want to achieve with this artistic gymnastics apparatus. 

Let’s talk about the height of the two rings. Well, you need to determine it based on your strength training. If you want to train below the gymnastics rings, their measurement will differ from when you will be working out above the rings. 

Above the Rings Requirements 

When it comes to above the rings exercises, it is more of an expert’s thing. Additionally, you will need extra space for this routine as you need enough room to move your body effortlessly. 

If you want to hang the Olympic rings 9-12 feet high, you can do all the exercises without any trouble. And if you’re taller, don’t hesitate to adjust the hide. 

Below the Rings Requirements 

If you are a newbie and trying to do some rings exercises, you can go below the rings workouts. This routine is beginner-friendly, and you can do some basic training such as rows, dips, and curls.

If you want to exercise with steady rings, you can hang the apparatuses about a head taller than your actual height. 

How Far Apart Should Gym Rings Be?

You should follow the same distance between the two rings below and above the ring exercises and need to hang your rings 50 cm apart from each other. 

If the measurement is too complicated for you, try hanging them at your shoulder width to allow your body to move without restrictions. You can also keep the rings slightly wider than shoulder width to finish your routine freely. 

Furthermore, when hanging your rings, make sure you have enough clearance around you. For easy movement, don’t keep anything in your five feet radius. If you hang the rings this way, you will easily achieve your fitness goals in no time! 

What Will Happen If the Distance between Gym Rings Is Incorrect?

If you want to work out with still rings, no instability, you need to hang them at a correct distance. When you install the rings too far apart, it will feel wobbly, and you won’t feel comfortable at all. 

In contrast, if you mount the rings too close, they will come in your way. Therefore, you should ensure that you are doing the perfect measurement to allow comfortable training. 

Moreover, while doing different workouts, you will need to maintain a straight body. Hence, the proper height is crucial too!

What is the Ideal Distance to Hang Gym Rings in a Storage Unit Gym?

When setting up a storage unit gym, it’s crucial to determine the ideal distance for hanging gym rings. The space available may impact which gym options in storage units are feasible. The recommended distance often ranges from 18-24 inches apart, allowing for a comfortable and effective workout. Consider adjusting the distance based on personal preferences and the specific exercises you plan to perform on the rings.

Where Can I Hang My Gymnastic Rings?

If you have entered into a gymnastics program such as flying rings or want to do some core exercises, these rings will be perfect for you. But where can you hang these rings for using them whenever you want? 

Well, it doesn’t matter what material you choose, from plastic to wood, every ring can be hung in any place. You can mount them in your garage or living room, wherever you want. Let us give you some ideas on how you can use them in every corner of your pace. 

Before discussing that part, you need to know that you will need a sturdy anchor point to do the installation. So if you have that, you can attempt to mount these apparatuses.

Setting Up Rings in Your Home

  • You can hang the rings there if you have any sturdy rafters or exposed beams in your apartment or garage.
  • You can also use the second-floor stairwells or install the ring through any loft hatch.
  • If you are good at building things, you can make an outdoor pull up bar for exercising. 

Setting Up Rings in Your Gym

Most gyms have rings set up, but try mounting the apparatuses into the places mentioned below if you don’t have them. 

  • Pull up bar and dipping stations
  • Any rope anchor points
  • Power cages

Setting Up Rings Outside

If you want to enjoy some fresh air while exercising, you can try to set up the rings outside. And here’s how you do it. 

  • In any goalpost
  • Park equipment or any random posts
  • Sturdy branches of trees

The Bottom Line

So, how far apart should gym rings be? Hopefully, you got the answers!

If you are not into weight training but still want to build strength, you can try working out with the ring. Just make sure that you are hanging them at enough height and the ring grips are sturdy enough to hold on to. And you’ll be doing great!

From male gymnasts to females, anyone can enjoy this workout routine and effortlessly achieve their fitness goals. And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

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