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How Much Does the Leg Press Sled Weigh at Planet Fitness

As a fitness enthusiast, you already know that you can’t have a better-looking body without taking the leg press machine comes to concern. 

But should you be counting the weight of leg press machines even if you’re working out in a gym like Planet Fitness, where there are lots of alternatives? Well, yes. But the question is how much does the leg press sled weigh at Planet Fitness?

The leg press seld at Planet Fitness weighs 118 lbs. This is the empty weight without adding free weights. This weight may vary depending on the brand and style of the machine. These machines do not have any internal adjustments and work solely on gravity.

Now, what if you’re actually seeing the different types of leg press machines there? What kind of weight variation will be seen there? Well, you’d be getting your answer to those questions, too, once you start scrolling down.

How Much Does Leg Press Machine Weigh?

Well, for obvious reasons, we’re not talking about the weight of the entire leg press machine as you don’t need to go on the whole machine for performing leg presses.

All you need to pay attention to is the weight of the sled, as that’s what will assist you the most to perform the exercise. But even that weight can vary on the basis of the type of the machine.

We don’t know which one of those machines you’re thinking of using for the leg press. So, it’s better to glance at the weight of the sled of all of them before you go for the push.

45° Leg Press Machine

If you’re going to list up the names of the most common machines for leg press, then we bet the name of the 45° leg press machine will be on the top. After all, this is what most gyms grab in the first place for trainees who want to give their leg muscles a better shape. Probably this is why it’s also called the Standard leg press machine.

From the name itself, you can easily guess that it allows the users to sit in a position where they get to put the legs upwards with a 45° angle and push all the weights upward. Without putting in any extra weight on the machine, the weight of the sled remains around 75 lbs.

But the sled weight of this kind of leg press machine is subject to variation depending on the brand. So, don’t be surprised when you’re seeing different numbers on different brands.

Seated Upright Leg Press

The design of this machine somehow speaks in favor of it being a leg press machine with lighter weight. But unlike the earlier one, you better search in the machine section in the gym to find one of these. Rather than pushing upward, these machines are made to press or push the weight forward.

In the normal or regular leg presses, you usually lean on your static back and create distance by pushing the weight forward by the feet.

But here, the feet will stay on the platform, and it’s the seat that will go backward. After all, it’s the seat that handles all the weight resistance here. And the weight? Well, this leg press weighs just around 20 lbs.

Hammer Strength Leg Press Machine

Well, Hammer Strength is the kind of Leg Press machine that is enough to get you scared on your leg day, just by the look of it. But the effectiveness of such a machine is also undeniable when you’re putting your focus on progressive overload in order to develop your leg muscles.

In the race for popularity, this one isn’t lagging behind the standard leg press machines. Probably this is why you’d get to see it in most of the gyms. Without putting any extra load, the sled weight of this machine can reach 118 lbs. And yes, the weight can vary quite a bit from brand to brand here as well.

Vertical Leg Press Machine

If you’re asking for a leg press machine that will come with the title of ‘lightest machine’ then Vertical Leg Press Machine will be the winner for sure. After all, this leg press machine does weigh just 15 lbs. Clearly, the weight says a lot about why it’s called the smallest leg press machine.

But still, most people don’t see them much in the gym as they’re most helpful in performing normal leg presses at home. So, if you’re feeling curious about getting a leg press machine for your home, then we don’t think anything would be as perfect as this one for the job.

The prime difference between the other machines and this one is you get to perform the press with a 90° angle where you’ll have to push the weight straight upward.

One of the best things about this leg press machine is it helps in building firm bottom, just the way you would’ve made in any local gym.

Hack Squat Leg Press

From the name itself, you’ve probably got an idea that it has something to do with the hack squat. Well, the truth is if you’re missing out on motion and feeling of the hack squat, then this one can easily get you that in the first place.

In this machine, all you need to do is put your feet on the footpad while setting the back against the press of the machine. And, of course, you’ll have to do this with the slightly angled standing position.

Now, go for the squat-like move holding the handrails and lifting the weight. Later on, squat down and repeat. It can still give your body the required pressure without additional weight as this leg press machine weigh 75 lbs.

How Much Does a Leg Press Weigh Without Weights at Planet Fitness?

The leg press machines you’d see at Planet Fitness are mostly Hammer Strength. It’s quite a bit easy to assume that the sled weights will be around 118 lbs. It might sound a bit high compared to some of the other machines. But like we said before, the weight of the machine varies on the basis of brands as well.

So, there’s nothing to be surprised about once you see there’s a difference in weight between most leg press machines from other gyms and the ones from Fitness Planet.

How to Assume Right Weight During Using Leg Press?

No matter which machine you’re using, whether it’s a seated upright leg press or the Hammer strength, you need to find out the starting sled weight or how much the sled weighs.

Then all you have to do is count how much weight you’re adding to the machine and see where the total amount of weight reaches. The weight you’ll be getting there will be the actual total weight you’d be using for lifting during your workout session.

How Much Does the Leg Press Sled Weigh at Planet Fitness?

The bar weight at Planet Fitness varies depending on the specific location. It typically ranges from 35 to 45 pounds.

Is Leg Press Going to Help You with Fat Burning?

Lots of the people out there roam with a misconception that leg press won’t be doing anything good to their fat-burning routine. Well, that’s not true at all.

Leg press does accelerate the fat burning as it can make you invest lots of energy. That’s the reason why leg press or free bar squat makes anyone run out of breath after once they’re done with the exercise. But lots of the trainees skip that thinking it’s useless apart from the building legs.

Final Words

Clearly, now you’ve got no confusion about how much the leg press sled weighs at Planet Fitness which we think will make your weight lifting more precise. After all, you need that to give your legs the best shape, right?

But keep track of your progress while you start adding weight plates every now and then. And also, don’t forget to take the advice of the Planet Fitness experts on how much weight you should carry in the first place.

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