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5 Convenient Ways to Carry Gym Chalk for Your Workouts

If you’re lifting a lot of weight, doing high reps, or just want to make your lifts and grip stronger, gym chalk can be a game-changer. But how do you carry gym calk at the gym without making a big mess? What do you put gym chalk in?

There are several ways to carry gym chalk to the gym. Tupperware containers and ziplock bags are the most common ways. Liquid chalk is also a popular option and makes less mess. Whichever way you carry gym chalk, make sure it’s in a tight container or a ziplock bag to prevent spills.

Also, keep in mind there are different forms that chalk comes in that can make things easier which we will discuss.

1. Tupperware Container

One of the easiest things to do is store your chalk in a Tupperware container. Just open the lid, apply your chalk, and you’re ready to go. The good thing about this method is that if you get a big enough container, it makes less of a mess when you’re applying it. This method can work whether you have powder form or block form. Just make sure you have a secure lid. Rubber bands can help along with putting it inside another bag just in case.

Here’s what some athletes had to say about using Tupperware to store gym chalk:

We used a Tupperware box we got in Aldi. We covered it with tickers so people know it’s ours.

2. Zip Lock Bag

The next best method for carrying your gym chalk to the gym is inside a ziplock bag. This works best for block chalk where it’s less messy. If you have powdered chalk, this method can still work but it’s really not ideal. This is because when you take your hand out from the bag, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up getting chalk everywhere. This isn’t a particular problem if your gym already has a chalk bowl.

3. Liquid Chalk

If you are looking for a more convenient and less messy method, one option is to go with liquid chalk. Liquid chalk is basically made of magnesium carbonate and alcohol. All you need to do is dab a little bit on your hands and rub it in.

Liquid chalk is a good no-mess option. It usually comes in a secure bottle, but as I said earlier, it’s always a good idea to wrap it inside a baggy. Not all gyms allow chalk either, so liquid chalk can be a great alternative to a chalk block.

Liquid chalk is more expensive than chalk blocks, but they sure are convenient. Here’s a few worth checking out on Amazon:

4. Chalk Bags

Chalk Bags are most common with rock climbers and boulderers. However, using chalk bags to carry your chalk to the gym can still work. Powedered chalk isn’t going to work well here since you risk making a mess in your bag. If you have block chalk or a chalk sock, this idea might be worth trying.

There is actually a company called Arc’teryx Aperture that makes chalk bags that are completely sealable, so you don’t need to worry about spilling anything.

5. Get Creative

While we discussed a few popular items, there’s plenty more solutions too. I once saw someone at my gym use a metal coffee container. There’s also other ideas like gallon buckets and those cans that mixed nuts come in from your grocery store. Look around the house and be creative. You might just come up with some good solutions.


In conclusion, choosing a convenient method to carry gym chalk enhances your workout experience. Whether it’s a mess-free chalk ball or a traditional chalk cube, maintaining a firm grip allows you to focus on optimal performance. Embrace the option that suits you best and elevate your fitness journey with confidence.

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