Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Planet Fitness is one of the few gym franchises that offer a quality experience at affordable prices. From the state of the art equipment to spacious workout areas, both new and old-time members can have a blast while exercising.  One question people often ask is, does Planet Fitness have a sauna? The answer is a … Read more

Is Muscle Milk Lactose-Free?

It’s often difficult for some to get enough protein in their diet to start building mass. This is where protein supplements can come in handy. These protein supplements help people gain their intended weight, muscle growth, lean muscle, and catalyze their workout processes.  Many people drink Muscle Milk to receive the mentioned results among many … Read more

Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines are all-around gym equipment that exercises the whole body. Since Planet Fitness is one of the most popular clubs, it’s only natural to ask: does Planet Fitness have rowing machines? Yes, Planet Fitness has rowing machines. These row machines are high-quality Life Fitness Row GX Trainers that use water for resistance. While they … Read more

Can You Bring a Guest to Planet Fitness? Here’s How

man and women inside gym

Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness is a common question you may have while attending the gym. After all, having a workout buddy often makes us feel more motivated and even competitive to see who does better.  But does the gym allow it? Can you take a guest with you to Planet Fitness? … Read more

Do Gym Memberships Affect Your Credit? Yes, Here’s Why

paper showing credit score

When you have a bad credit history, getting financial aid can be a little problematic. Therefore, you shouldn’t mess with the credit bureaus as you may have to pay a greater price for skipping any payments or installments.  So if you’re a workout enthusiast and trying to improve your finances, you may ask, do gym … Read more

Can I Wear a Regular Bra to the Gym? It Depends

woman wearing a white bra

Even though we have hundreds of bras in our closets, some of us love you wear the same bra repeatedly. So when it comes to wearing a sports bra specifically for the workout session, you may feel a bit lazy or uninspired. And at that moment, you may ask, can I wear a regular bra … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym Before a Tattoo? Pro Artist Advice

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If you have decided to get your first tattoo, you might be worried about a lot of things. As a fitness enthusiast, you’ll surely be concerned whether you can hit the gym before joining the tattoo community or not. So, can you go to the gym before a tattoo? Yes, you can go to the … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym After Laser Hair Removal? No, Here’s Why

doctor performing laser hair removal on a patient's legs

When you opt for laser hair removal treatment, you’re bound to take some necessary cautions afterward. Avoiding sun exposure, shaving, waxing, etc., are recommended for the best results. But what about your weight training and other exercises? Can you go to the gym after laser hair removal? No, you can’t go to the gym after … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym on Antibiotics?

Man in gym holding pills

Nothing can stop a workout enthusiast from hitting the gym, from pouring rain to SuperBowl. But what about the times when you feel sick and take medicines to get better? Most importantly, can you go to the gym on antibiotics? Yes, you can exercise while taking antibiotics unless you have any specific restrictions from your … Read more

What to Do with Gym Clothes After Workout? (6 Tips)

Sweaty asian man in gym

From an avid gym-goer to newbies, everyone has their own rule when it comes to handling workout clothes. But what’s the proper method? What to do with gym clothes after work out? There are several ways of dealing with your gym clothes after a workout. The best way of dealing with gym clothes is to … Read more