Can You Wear NMDs to the Gym?

a man and performing squats in gym with weights

You might be an NMD fan as they’re extremely comfortable. And you love hitting the gym too. However, when it comes to lifting weights and squatting, you got to think of something robust. Do NMDs have what it takes to be gym-friendly? Can you wear NMDs to the gym?  Wearing NMDs to the gym for … Read more

Can You Wear Spandex to the Gym?

woman wearing spandex working with dumbbells at the gym

Do you know what the best outfit for a day at the gym consists of? Are you aware of the kind of outfits that are best for the gym? Well, you should always wear clothing that allows you to move freely. Otherwise, you won’t get a full range of motion and get a good workout. Yes, … Read more

Can You Wear Shorts to the Gym?

woman in the gym wearing shorts on leg press

If you think gym clothing is boring, perhaps you haven’t spent a lot of time in the gym, which is okay. There are lots of different gym attires you can try, from fun crop tops to stylish leggings. And if you want to break Instagram with the hottest gym selfie, you can try some shorts … Read more

Bowflex Home Gym vs. Free Weights

bowlfex home gym

When it’s about resistance training in home gyms, Bowflex is the crowd’s favorite. But some workout enthusiasts think that free weight exercises are a cheaper option and offer more significant benefits for enhancing muscle mass.  For all those beginners who want to start resistance training, Bowflex will be an amazing option. And when it is … Read more

Natural Strength vs. Gym Strength

man in the gym performing shoulder press with dumbbells

Have you ever thought of how some people who look weaker than you can still lift massive weights even after never hitting the gym in their lives?  Well, we bet you’ll see lots of people like that if you look. And that is where the question pops up: when it comes to natural strength vs … Read more

How to Ask Someone to Spot You at the Gym

man bench pressing with spotter at the gym

Exercises like bench pressing can be tough, there’s no doubt about that. After watching a few gym fail videos, asking for a spot is important when you want to max out. Hence, you’ll need a good spotter by your side while getting every rep you can. The spotter will be your hands on the bar … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym While on Accutane?

Shirtless fit man in gym looking at bottle of medication

When no medication works for treating acne, doctors tend to prescribe Accutane. It is quite a strong drug and comes with plenty of restrictions as well as side effects.  Yes, you can go to the gym while on Accutane. There are no physical restrictions for Isotretinoin. However, you should be aware of the side effects … Read more

How to Keep Protein Shake Cold at the Gym

man with protein shake in the gym

When you are at home, enjoying a chilled protein shake doesn’t really take much effort. All you need to do is stick the bottle in the freezer, and you are good to go! But how do you keep your shakes cold in a place where you don’t have any access to a refrigerator? Leave everything … Read more

Why Are Gym Weights So Expensive?

Dumbbells workout weights

Shopping for weights is the most frustrating part of making a home gym. Well, these weight plates are super costly, and you have to buy quite a few. But why are gym weights so expensive? There are a few reasons why gym weights are expensive. Excessive shipping charges, increased price of raw materials, and the … Read more

5 Ways to Take Your Baby to the Gym

It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers or a newborn; leaving them at the house can be really frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss your gym session. If you don’t want to hire a sitter all the time or there is no family member to take care of your baby, you may … Read more