Do Gym Memberships Affect Your Credit? Yes, Here’s Why

paper showing credit score

When you have a bad credit history, getting financial aid can be a little problematic. Therefore, you shouldn’t mess with the credit bureaus as you may have to pay a greater price for skipping any payments or installments.  So if you’re a workout enthusiast and trying to improve your finances, you may ask, do gym … Read more

Can I Wear a Regular Bra to the Gym? It Depends

woman wearing a white bra

Even though we have hundreds of bras in our closets, some of us love you wear the same bra repeatedly. So when it comes to wearing a sports bra specifically for the workout session, you may feel a bit lazy or uninspired. And at that moment, you may ask, can I wear a regular bra … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym Before a Tattoo? Pro Artist Advice

shirless man in gym with tattoo lifting dumbbell

If you have decided to get your first tattoo, you might be worried about a lot of things. As a fitness enthusiast, you’ll surely be concerned whether you can hit the gym before joining the tattoo community or not. So, can you go to the gym before a tattoo? Yes, you can go to the … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym After Laser Hair Removal? No, Here’s Why

doctor performing laser hair removal on a patient's legs

When you opt for laser hair removal treatment, you’re bound to take some necessary cautions afterward. Avoiding sun exposure, shaving, waxing, etc., are recommended for the best results. But what about your weight training and other exercises? Can you go to the gym after laser hair removal? No, you can’t go to the gym after … Read more

Can You Go to the Gym on Antibiotics?

Man in gym holding pills

Nothing can stop a workout enthusiast from hitting the gym, from pouring rain to SuperBowl. But what about the times when you feel sick and take medicines to get better? Most importantly, can you go to the gym on antibiotics? Yes, you can exercise while taking antibiotics unless you have any specific restrictions from your … Read more

What to Do with Gym Clothes After Workout? (6 Tips)

Sweaty asian man in gym

From an avid gym-goer to newbies, everyone has their own rule when it comes to handling workout clothes. But what’s the proper method? What to do with gym clothes after work out? There are several ways of dealing with your gym clothes after a workout. The best way of dealing with gym clothes is to … Read more

Can You Have a Gym in a Storage Unit? Here’s How

small home gym

You might want to set up a home gym for a lot of reasons. But arranging enough space for fitting your gym equipment can be tough. Just like many other fitness enthusiasts, you’re probably thinking of getting a low-cost storage unit for that purpose. Now the question is, can you have a gym in a … Read more

Can Going to the Gym Change Your Face?

shirtless bodybulder

As you scroll through social media every day, you probably notice many of your old friends or colleagues undergo many drastic changes in their bodies, faces, and skin. Most of them claim to gain all those physical modifications just by going to the gym. If you’re looking forward to achieving a more defined and attractive … Read more

5 Hacks to Keep Protein Shake Cold at the Gym

man in gym drinking protein shake

When you are at home, enjoying a chilled protein shake doesn’t really take much effort. But how do you keep your shakes cold in a place where you don’t have any access to a refrigerator? The best way to keep a protein shake cold at the gym is to use an insulated mug. An insulated … Read more

How Far Apart Should Gym Rings Be?

man in gym performing dips on rings

Gym rings are highly portable, easy to use, and you can mount them in any place to hang freely.  But while setting up, you need to follow some strict rules. The height, width, and distance between the gymnastic rings can matter a whole lot. How far apart should gym rings be? If you want the most … Read more