Can You Wear Crocs to the Gym?

man wearing a pair of white croc shoes

Some people hate them, and some others love them. Crocs are undeniably among the most polarizing footwear choices out there. Let’s take the discussion a bit further to settle down the debate: Can you wear Crocs to the gym, yeah or nay? The answer is pretty simple. You should not wear Crocs to the gym. … Read more

Can You Wear Hoodies to the Gym?

wearing sweatshirt in the gym

You’ve seen people do it many times, but can you wear hoodies to the gym? They certainly look cool and have many benefits that work to your advantage during exercises. You can wear hoodies to the gym because they’re comfortable and allow you to move freely. Additionally, hoodies help you warm up faster to prevent potential … Read more

Can You Wear Nike Air Max to the Gym?

Nike Air Max 90

When you own a pair of Air Max shoes, it’s only natural that you would want to wear them everywhere. Does that include the gym, too? Can you wear Nike Air Max to the gym? You can wear Nike Air Max to the gym for warming up or for short runs. However, these shoes are … Read more

Can You Wear a Tank Top to the Gym?

man wearing tank top to the gym

One of the first sights you get at the gym is people wearing tank tops. But, can you wear a tank top to the gym, or are there disadvantages that wouldn’t make it a good idea? The answer is quite simple, actually. Yes, you can wear tank tops to the gym. This clothing is comfortable, … Read more

Can You Wear Converse to the Gym?

man deadlifting in converse shoes at the gym

Imagine you’re at the gym, and all of a sudden, you notice people wearing Converse. That’s an unorthodox choice for gym footwear, but are these shoes good for working out? Can you wear Converse to the gym and not regret it? You can wear Converse to the gym during your lifting or squatting days. The … Read more

Can You Wear Airpods to the Gym?

woman wearing airpods and holding dumbbells at the gym

Once you own a set of AirPods, there’s no turning back. You want to wear them everywhere, including places like the gym. But can you wear AirPods to the gym? Yes, you can wear AirPods to the gym. While they’re not officially water or sweat-resistant, the AirPods still put up with moisture. They won’t fall out … Read more

Can You Wear Leggings to the Gym?

Slim asian girl standing near medicine ball in leggings at gym

Leggings are super popular gear for women, especially for yoga or working out at the gym. It’s easy to assume that people wear these workout pants only to highlight their curves, but there are many more benefits than just that. Can you wear leggings to the gym?  Yes, you can! Here’s why. You can, because leggings … Read more

Can You Wear Just a Sports Bra to the Gym?

woman in sports bra performing tricep pulldown at the gym

Knowing what to wear at the gym is a major concern for both genders, but mostly for women. A sports bra is one of those things that you may not know if it’s appropriate or not, as it often leaves much of your upper body exposed. Still, many women already wear it regardless. So, can … Read more

Wearing Your Watch to the Gym

Man looking at his watch at the gym

A watch is often an essential accessory that people like to take with them everywhere. This may also include the gym, but is wearing your watch to the gym a good idea? Well, it depends on the workout routines. You can wear a watch to the gym because it helps you keep track of your … Read more

Do Gym Mirrors Make You Look Bigger?

two men standing in front of the mirror at the gym

If you’ve ever gone to a gym, you’ve probably noticed how your image in the mirror may look a bit off. You might look taller, slimmer, or even more muscular than you really are. But is that really true? Do gym mirrors make you look bigger? Yes, gym mirrors make you look bigger. The type … Read more