How are Dumbbells Weighed?

rack with dumbbells at a gym

Learning how to log your dumbbell weight properly is tricky because there are many variables involved.  For starters, you must consider the type of dumbbell. Some may have plates with a specific weight written on them that represent the total weight of the dumbbell, while others just have labels for the weight of each plate.  … Read more

Can You Wear a Hat to the Gym?

woman wearing hat working out at the gym

While not many people wear hats at the gym, there are a few that do. The question is whether a hat is an acceptable or weird piece of gear during workouts. Can you wear a hat to the gym? Would it provide significant benefits to you, or is it simply for fashion purposes? You can … Read more

Wearing Jeans to the Gym

man wearing jeans in the gym

A person wearing jeans at the gym is one of the oddest sights. After all, flexible clothing like shorts gives you more mobility and features breathable fabric to deal with sweat. So, why is it that some people still choose jeans?  More importantly, does wearing jeans to the gym give you more benefits? The answer … Read more

Can You Wear Sweatpants to the Gym?

Going to the gym for the first time can be scary, especially if you’re not sure what to wear. Here, sweatpants come as an incredible piece of gear to cover your body while still giving you a ton of freedom.  Some may consider sweatpants an odd attire choice for gym workouts, but they provide many … Read more

5 Ways on How to Carry Gym Chalk

gym chalk inside Tupperware container

If you’re lifting a lot of weight, doing high reps, or just want to make your lifts and grip stronger, gym chalk can be a game-changer. But how do you carry gym calk at the gym without making a big mess? What do you put gym chalk in? There are several ways to carry gym … Read more

5 Reasons Why Men Stare At You at the Gym

man watching woman work out at the gym

If you’re a woman, the unfortunate truth is you’ve probably get stared at a lot. And at the gym, there are even more stares. It doesn’t particularly matter what you are wearing and it’s not always a bad thing either. So why do guys stare at you at the gym even more so? As a … Read more

Where to Deadlift in the Gym

woman performing a deadlift in a gym

If you have a smaller gym, or your gym is more beginner-friendly, there might not be an obvious place where to deadlift. You don’t want to be in people’s way and you don’t want to be seen as “that guy” or “that girl”. So where do you deadlift in the gym? The recommended place to … Read more

How Far Is Too Far to Drive to a Gym?

How Far Is Too Far to Drive to a Gym?

Distance matters. If your gym is too far to drive, you’re not going to want to go as often. People are busy, and an extra 10 minutes to the gym can have a big impact on your motivation. If you consider that most people give up going to the gym within the first 90 days, … Read more

Can You Use Someone Else’s Gym Membership?

If you don’t have a gym membership, is it okay to use someone else’s? Or for them to use yours? Well, most of the time the answer is no. Most gyms don’t allow gym memberships to be shared. However, many gyms offer free guest passes or day passes for a fee. However, some gyms are … Read more