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What to Do with Gym Clothes After Workout? (6 Tips)

From an avid gym-goer to newbies, everyone has their own rule when it comes to handling workout clothes. But what’s the proper method? What to do with gym clothes after work out?

There are several ways of dealing with your gym clothes after a workout. The best way of dealing with gym clothes is to wash them. However, if that is not an option, there are several other methods. These include keeping them in your gym bag, showering with them, keeping them in your locker, allowing them to air dry, or using a deodorized spray.

If you’re new at this, you can surely use some more tips on handling sweaty gym clothes. And today, we’ll be discussing everything regarding that in this write-up. 

How to Handle Gym Clothes After Working Out – EverythingYou Need to Know

When it comes to handling smelly gym clothes, you have to depend on your workout schedule, to be honest. If you work out in the morning, your routine will be different from those who go to the gym after work. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with your dirty workout clothes. 

To manage your gym attires, you can try the options below. We’ll be sharing tips based on your gym schedule, so choose the one that suits you the best.

Wash the Clothes in the Shower

Everyone showers after their gym sesh, and we believe you’re one of those people too. So when you enter the shower chamber after exercising, take your sweaty clothes with you. And then, rinse that attire to eliminate the sweats and bad odors.

While doing that, you don’t have to go for a thorough wash. Just clean the clothes with plain water and let the clothes air dry. If there’s no scope for that, put the wet clothes in a plastic bag and keep them on your rucksack so you can clean them on the washing machine properly. 

You can also use a nearby bathroom sink to rinse your small clothing, such as running shorts or crop tops. But if you’re into more extravagant gym attires, this sink method won’t probably work for you. You can also bring soap to the gym with you.

Get a Locker

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of washing your sweaty workout clothes in the shower, you can just get a locker at the gym. This way, when you have to go elsewhere after your workout session, you can keep the gym bag full of dirty clothes in the locker and take them out whenever you want. 

However, you cannot leave your clothes there forever. Hence, try to get them out and hit the laundry room as soon as possible. 

Keep the Clothes in Gym Bag

Yes, you can keep your dirty workout clothes in the bag and carry them around. But there’ll be an odor buildup, which you cannot escape. 

If you go for this, try to put your gym gear in a plastic bag first. This way, your whole bag won’t become sweaty, and that’ll save you a ton of trouble. 

Gym goer Daniel Carroll says, “I used to throw everything back into my rucksack, go home and separate them for washing or drying/airing. My workout towel and drying towel go on the washing line or tumble dryer and are washed every two days.”.

And yes, we also have an article on how to dry your towel after the gym too.

Allow the Clothes to Air Dry

Before putting the workout clothes on the rucksack, you can hang them in a place with constant airflow to make them a bit toasty. If you have any open window in your gym where you have access to sunlight, try to keep your outfits near that area. 

The hang dry ensures less odor buildup and helps you clean attires without much struggle. 

As sunlight can kill bacteria, your workout gear will be less smelly, and there’ll be no moist pile waiting for you to clean them as soon as possible. 

De-Stink with Deodorize Spray

Most people really can’t handle the sweet smell. And if you’re one of those, you can get a de-stink spray to get rid of this issue. These deodorizing sprays will help you make dirty gym clothes smell fresh. As a result, you can carry your workout gear without any trouble. 

Discuss It with Your Co-Workers

If you have to attend the office after working out, you can ask your co-workers about what they do with their sweaty gym clothes. Maybe they have a spot where everyone hangs their clothes to dry or keep them in a pile. If the other methods aren’t working out for you, try this one to get a better solution. 

How to Clean Gym Clothes – Step by Step

It doesn’t matter how you’re storing your gym clothes after working out. If you’re not using the proper way to clean your activewear, you’ll never be able to maintain an impressive hygiene standard. 

Therefore, to help you with that, we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to clean your gym clothes properly. So without wasting much, let’s get into that part. 

Step One – Let Your Gym Clothes Breathe

If you haven’t rinsed your clothes in the gym, just take them out of the bag and let them dry out a bit. When you put the sweaty clothes directly in the laundry hamper, your entire house will become smelly, and that’s a no-no!

Step Two – Pre-Soak Your Clothes

To remove the sweat smells, dirt, grime, and body oils, you must pre-soak your gym clothes. Our skin has bacteria that react with sweat and create a foul odor. Sometimes this sweat smell is too strong, and only pre soaking can save you from it. 

You can soak your attires in a white vinegar solution for an effective result. It’s a simple trick but will make your clothes daisy fresh effortlessly. 

Just take one part of white distilled vinegar and mix it with four parts cold water. And then, soak it for at least 20-30 minutes to enjoy super clean clothes. 

Step Three – Wash Your Clothes

If you don’t have much time to wash your clothes by hand, you can surely go to the washing machine. However, you should always clean the clothes with cold water as the hot water can ruin your outfits’ elasticity, size, or color. 

Moreover, when cleaning your active wear in the machine, use the delicate cycle for that. In this way, anything made of fragile or stretchy fabrics will be safe. 

While choosing the detergent for washing your gym clothes, you can pick plant-based or mild detergents. These cleaning agents will keep your clothes clean and protect the environment as well. 

Final Step – Air Dry Your Clothes

When you’re done washing, you should air-dry your clothes for a better experience. Attires made with delicate or synthetic material will shrink in high heat. Thus, you should let the clothes air dry in an area with constant air flow until the moisture evaporates. 

If you hang dry the performance fabrics clothing, they’ll last for a long time. And that’s something desired by all of us. 

How Should I Clean my Gym Clothes After a Workout While Taking Accutane?

Cleaning gym clothes after a workout while on Accutane requires some extra attention. Firstly, always use a fragrance-free detergent to avoid skin irritation. Turn your gym clothes inside out before washing to ensure a thorough cleanse. Wash them in cold water and separate them from other clothes to prevent contamination. Lastly, allow your gym clothes to air dry instead of using a dryer, as Accutane can make your skin more sensitive. Following these tips will help you maintain hygiene during your gym workouts while on Accutane.

Tips for Cleaning Gym Clothes Like an Expert

Though we’ve discussed how to clean the gym clothes in detail, let’s exchange some more tips for making this task easier for you. 

Skip the Fabric Softener

You may already know that you shouldn’t use any harsh laundry detergent for washing your dirty gym attires. It’ll ruin the stretchy fabrics. For the same reason, you should avoid using fabric softener. 

If you wash your clothes with a softener, it’ll damage the synthetic materials. Hence, avoid this product if you have gym clothes in the hamper. 

Add Some Extra Odor-Cleaning Agent

Sometimes the sweat smells are quite overpowering, which can be irritating. In that case, you can use some extra power to increase freshness in your gym gear. 

Besides using deodorizer spray, you can use baking soda for a better experience. It’s way cheaper, amazingly effective, and easy to use. Just pour a cup of baking soda into the next load, and your clothes will smell fresh all the time.

Choose Your Detergent Wisely

If you have extra dirty clothes, you’ll want to use an ample amount of laundry detergent. But that’s not the solution. There’ll be residues on your clothes when you use excess detergent, and the stretchiness will be damaged. Thus, you should always avoid this temptation. 

Hand Wash Your Clothes

You can always go for a hand wash for your delicate gym wears. If you want to clean your sports bras or underwear, you shouldn’t opt for a machine wash or machine drying. To enhance the longevity of these clothing, washing them by hand is the best idea, to be honest. 

The Bottom Line

What to do with gym clothes after a workout, you ask? Hopefully, you’ve got your solutions.

There’re plenty of things you can do with your dirty workout clothes. You can wash them in the bathroom sink, rinse them in the shower or put them in a ziplock bag for later. As there’s no certain rule, you can pick the method that works for you.

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