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5 Reasons Why Men Stare At You at the Gym

If you’re a woman, the unfortunate truth is you’ve probably get stared at a lot. And at the gym, there are even more stares. It doesn’t particularly matter what you are wearing and it’s not always a bad thing either. So why do guys stare at you at the gym even more so?

As a guy who has been in various gyms, I can hopefully shed some light on this issue and give you some solutions on what you can do about it.

Why People Stare At the Gym

I’ll come right out and admit it. I “stare” at people at the gym.

No, I’m not that creepy guy in the corner. While I get a good training session in, I do find myself looking at people from time to time. It’s not just girls and it’s often not sexual either. I’m checking out everyone and for different reasons.

I have a saying at the gym and it’s this: “Everyone is checking out everyone”.

The gym is filled with different people, different body types, different personalities all doing different exercises and routines. For me, it’s a curious place.

Here are different reasons why guys may be staring at you at the gym:

  • You’re a woman – I won’t beat around the bush here. Men are probably staring because they like what they see. Even if you’re not wearing anything particularly revealing, you’re still attractive. And if you are wearing something tight or short, the unfortunate truth is that men are going to stare even more.
  • You have a great physique – Even as a heterosexual man, I’m still going to admire a well built body even on other men. It’s not just because you’re a woman that people may be looking. I’ve given and received compliments from other men, both on my body and my form.
  • You’re lifting a lot of weight – If someone is deadlifting or squatting an impressive amount of weight, yes, people are going to look. It’s for the same reason why people watch lifting competitions and World’s Strongest Man. They want to see how you perform and how well you can handle the weight.
  • You’re doing something unconventional – If you’re doing an exercise that is different, people are going to be curious. There are a lot of weird exercises out there, some good, some bad, and some I’ve never seen before. This gives me a chance to learn about potential new exercises that I may have not otherwise learned about.
  • You’re doing something wrong – If you’ve seen those videos online of people using gym equipment absolutely the wrong way, this is what I’m talking about. It could certainly be more subtle as well.

One reason is you’re attractive and men may be checking you out, but there are plenty of other reasons too.

But it’s not just men who stare. Women also check out other women and men. Here’s what some women had to say:

I love seeing what other people are doing, especially if they have features I envy. 

I sometimes will watch what other people are doing to give me ideas of new exercises to do, or proper form.

I can’t help myself staring at attractive people in the gym sometimes.

While men starting can be sexual, a lot of times it can be completely innocent too. It’s sometimes the case that people are zoned out looking in your direction and not actually at you.

If anything, if people are looking at you at the gym, it probably means they admire you in some way, and that’s a good thing.

What Do You Do When a Guy Stares at You at the Gym?

I get it. Sometimes stares are creepy, awkward, and don’t make you feel comfortable.

While you can wear baggy clothing, sweat pants, and hoodies, it’s just not practical. They get hot, you sweat in them, and they sometimes restrict movement… plus, men are still going to stare.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, we heard from other women what they do and what work works for them. The most popular advice seems to ignore them and go about your business.

Here’s what some women suggested on handling stares at the gym:

Put your headphones in, do your work and leave. They don’t exist in your world while you are working on you.

Depends. If I see the same person staring a lot, I’ll give a nasty glare back. Otherwise, ignore it.

If ignoring the stares don’t work, or if it’s making you really uncomfortable, there are a few things that may work:

  • Let them know you notice – If someone is caught staring, they are not likely to keep staring. This can mean staring back with a face of disapproval or asking them if they need help with anything. This usually does the trick.
  • Bring it to the staff – Let the staff know that you don’t feel comfortable and see if they will handle the situation for you. This may solve the issue without you needing to be confrontational.
  • Find different hours – Gyms are less busy at different times and days. Ask the gym staff which days and times to find out which may be the best time to go.
  • Bring a friend – This can help you stay focused on your workout and shut out distractions from other people.

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