Planet Fitness Deadlift Alternative

A deadlift is one of the most useful exercises when it comes to weight training. While performing a deadlift, the strong movements activate the majority of your muscle groups like your hamstrings, back, core, hips, glutes, etc.   It is a weight training exercise that concentrates on your lower body as well as strengthens your upper … Read more

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Planet Fitness is a chain fitness center named after Rick Berk’s daughter’s school project called “Fitness Planet.”The unique attributes and policies of planet fitness have indeed taken the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. However, one common question among people is, “ do planet fitness have scales?”  No, planet fitness doesn’t have scales because they believe … Read more

Why Do I Lose Muscle So Fast? 

Losing weight means you want to maintain a proper body physique and also keep your muscle mass intact. Yet, why do you lose muscle so fast?  Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. You end up losing your muscles because of the lack of proper protein consumption. Since your muscles are composed of proteins, when your … Read more

Planet Fitness vs. YMCA – Which One is Better? 

You probably already heard about YMCA, mostly known for its community-building programs. But do you know that YMCA members also get the chance to use their fitness centers? Well, it’s true. On the other hand, Planet fitness has also stepped in to give people access to a well-equipped fitness center. Many people now prefer Planet … Read more

Does Muscle Milk Go Bad?

When you’re hitting the gym to give your body its best shape, the one thing you can’t skip is the right diet. After all, along with working out, when you eat the right food and drink, only then can the body reach its desired shape. This is where the tendency to take a drink like … Read more

Does Muscle Milk Taste Good? 

There are many types of protein powder supplements available nowadays with different flavors and tastes. However, among all, Muscle Milk has always been the best-tasting protein powder of all because of its flavor variations and fitness benefits. So, now you may be wondering, does Muscle Milk taste good? The answer is yes, Muscle Milk is … Read more

Why Do Dumbbells Feel Heavier Than Barbells?

If you’re used to exercising with both barbells and dumbbells, you have probably felt that the dumbbells often feel heavier than barbells of the same weight. Because of this, many people tend to choose dumbbells over barbells for strength gains and muscle building. So, why do dumbbells feel heavier than barbells? The reasons why dumbbells … Read more

Can You Pay Planet Fitness with Cash?

Planet Fitness gyms are among the most popular, which is why you may want to consider joining if you plan to start working out.  However, gyms are always tricky when it comes to payments. Some accept multiple payment methods, while others only take cards. But what’s Planet Fitness’s stance on this? Planet Fitness doesn’t accept … Read more

How Much Does the Bar Weigh at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, you won’t get much of a variation when it comes to weight training equipment compared to other commercial gyms. For example, there are no free weight barbells or free weight Olympic bars here.  You can only utilize smith machines and dumbbells at best. As you know, Smith machines can incorporate counterbalance weights, … Read more

How Much Does the Leg Press Sled Weigh at Planet Fitness

As a fitness enthusiast, you already know that you can’t have a better-looking body without taking the leg press machine comes to concern.  But should you be counting the weight of leg press machines even if you’re working out in a gym like Planet Fitness, where there are lots of alternatives? Well, yes. But the … Read more