Why Do My Lats Hurt After Shoulder Press?

Numerous times I have been asked the question: Why do my lats hurt after shoulder press? After completing a workout session on overhead pressing, you might experience lat soreness, which is natural. Ultimately, shoulder press exercises are very strenuous and put a lot of pressure on your back. Although muscle soreness while doing overhead presses … Read more

Is It Bad To Arch Your Back When Shoulder Pressing?

There are several exercises to target your upper body by executing a variety of presses, namely: shoulder press, overhead press, bench press, standing shoulder press, incline bench press, push press, and so on. They might sound and look similar; however, there are substantial differences in their forms and targeted muscles. So, while you might get … Read more

Does Shoulder Press Work Traps?

Trap muscles start at the base of anyone’s neck and extend down to the middle back. These mainly help you perform core functions such as lifting your arms, stabilizing your shoulder blades, rotating, tilting your neck upward or downward, etc. Working on your trap muscles is important because strengthening these muscles grow you resistant to … Read more

Does Shoulder Press Work Side Delts?

Shoulder presses are arguably one of the best exercises that you can opt for to improve your shoulder’s strength curve. But how effective are these shoulder exercises? Does shoulder press work side delts? Or are they just good for your anterior muscle growth? To get straight to the point, yes, shoulder presses are highly effective for both … Read more

Does Shoulder Press Affect Height?

If you are new to the fitness world or have been lurking around for a while, you should know that there are many myths surrounding fitness exercises and their effects on our bodies. One such common worry among people is, does shoulder press affect height? You will be happy to know that lifting weights is … Read more

Can I Do Shoulder Press With Herniated Disc?

When you have been diagnosed with herniated discs, you need to bring specific changes to your exercise program. Because if you don’t plan it correctly, then your degenerative disc disease will only get worse, and you will suffer irreversible consequences. Therefore, planning your workout routine properly is necessary. Among the exercises you must revisit, the … Read more

Planet Fitness Deadlift Alternative

A deadlift is one of the most useful exercises when it comes to weight training. While performing a deadlift, the strong movements activate the majority of your muscle groups like your hamstrings, back, core, hips, glutes, etc.   It is a weight training exercise that concentrates on your lower body as well as strengthens your upper … Read more

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Planet Fitness is a chain fitness center named after Rick Berk’s daughter’s school project called “Fitness Planet.”The unique attributes and policies of planet fitness have indeed taken the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. However, one common question among people is, “ do planet fitness have scales?”  No, planet fitness doesn’t have scales because they believe … Read more

Why Do I Lose Muscle So Fast? 

Losing weight means you want to maintain a proper body physique and also keep your muscle mass intact. Yet, why do you lose muscle so fast?  Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. You end up losing your muscles because of the lack of proper protein consumption. Since your muscles are composed of proteins, when your … Read more

Planet Fitness vs. YMCA – Which One is Better? 

You probably already heard about YMCA, mostly known for its community-building programs. But do you know that YMCA members also get the chance to use their fitness centers? Well, it’s true. On the other hand, Planet fitness has also stepped in to give people access to a well-equipped fitness center. Many people now prefer Planet … Read more