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Does Muscle Milk Go Bad?

When you’re hitting the gym to give your body its best shape, the one thing you can’t skip is the right diet. After all, along with working out, when you eat the right food and drink, only then can the body reach its desired shape. This is where the tendency to take a drink like Muscle milk pops in.

But the question is, does Muscle Milk go bad though it’s not anything like regular milk or drink? Well, yes, it can. Apart from being expired, inappropriate storing can cause Muscle milk to go bad. When you’re leaving the protein powder in a place where air, heat, and moisture can slip in, it can go bad.

We know you want more details on that. Don’t worry; you’re about to get it all regarding this protein powder going bad. The answer is below and waiting for you to scroll down.

Reasons for Muscle Milk to Go Bad

If you’ve had your share of research on this protein powder, then you already know that it’s one of the well-recognized products of Cytosport, where the protein comes out of milk. It helps in accelerating the healing process that takes place in one’s body through daily exercises.

Like any other dairy product, there is a chance of this product going bad as this protein, too, is derived from milk. Some factors that make it unusable are discussed below –

Coming in Contact with Water

We call water the biggest enemy of Muscle milk. That’s because even the slightest drops of water within the container can make the powder go bad almost instantly. The water sensitivity is so high in this powder that it can turn into an expired one before the expiration date comes.

Storing in an Inappropriate Environment

Here the term ‘inappropriate’ means any atmosphere or place that can compromise the edibility of the protein powder. When it comes to Muscle Milk, it’s best to store the powder where there’s no chance of moisture or air intrusion, doesn’t come in contact with direct sunlight, and has the right temperature.

Crossing Expiration Date

Generally, like any other protein powder, Muscle milk too comes with a certain expiration date. So, once it’s crossed, there’s always a chance of the protein powder going bad. 

But the good thing is the shelf life can be extended if it’s stored properly. So, the date is not always the determinant of expiration. But yes, it’s best to check the powder thoroughly before consuming, just like you do before eating spoiled foods or expired milk.

How to Detect Expired Muscle Milk?

If you’re among them who think that it’s the expiration date that makes muscle milk go bad, well, then you’re wrong. Like we said earlier, the condition of the protein power depends to a huge extent based on how you’ve stored it. Due to the same, it can have a much longer shelf life.

But what if it goes beyond the expiration date, and you’re doubtful about its edibility? Well, there are three steps to help you clear your doubts –

Step One: Check the Smell

It’s not that bad muscle milk will smell like any rotten stuff once it’s expired. But if you’re a regular user, you surely can catch the difference. So, the first thing you need to do is check the smell and find the difference.

Step Two: Check Its Look

Another easy way to be sure about edibility is by checking how it looks. If there’s any change in the colors of powder that doesn’t go with the look when you first opened it, then you better throw it away. Color like blue, green, or grey is a sign that consuming protein powder from this jar might be a bad idea.

Step Three: Taste It

If the earlier steps haven’t been able to give you any clue on the edibility, then taste the powder a little. You don’t need to go for a full glass. Just add a bit of the powder to a little amount of water and taste it.

Any funky aftertaste will be enough to let you know that the powder has gone bad. As a regular consumer detecting the change in tastes shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t worry; even if it’s expired, tasting that less won’t cause you any health issues.

Can Bacteria Grow in Protein Powder Like Muscle Milk?

Like any other food item out there, bacterial growth can occur in Muscle milk. But that’s when you’re leaving the container exposed to moisture. So, in case you see any kind of unusual lumps or clusters within, it’s probably better to throw it away as you don’t want health issues like diarrhea after drinking that.

But moisture is not the only enemy here. Leaving the container in an inappropriate atmosphere can also help grow bacteria in powder mixes like muscle milk. 

So, you better store it somewhere cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight. And yes, don’t forget to use a dry scooper while grabbing the protein powder.

Can Muscle Milk Go Bad If It Contains Lactose?

Can muscle milk go bad if it contains lactose? Understanding muscle milk lactose information is key. Lactose, a sugar found in milk, can spoil and cause bacterial growth if not properly stored. Therefore, it is important to check the expiration date and store muscle milk in a cool and dry place to maintain its quality and safety for consumption.

Best Places to Store Muscle Milk

Any place that is not exposed to external elements is ideal for storing protein powders. Just like that, to save the potency of Muscle milk or save it from going bad, it’s suggested to store the powder in places that skips sunlight, oxygen, moisture, and heat.

Thinking where you’re going to get that? Well, the answers are any places like –

  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Desk drawer
  • Wardrobe
  • Wall shelf

FYI, don’t think about storing the protein powders in the refrigerator, as that’s not going to help extend the shelf life.

Final Words

We guess you’ve got the answer to your question – does muscle milk go bad or not. So, from now, you can not only check out the effectiveness of the powder before you consume it but also can extend its date of expiration by storing it in the right place every single time.

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